Your Search For Retired Willow Tree Figurines

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Since their launch in January 2000, Willow Tree Angels have become a collecting phenomenon, with thousands of avid collectors all over the world. At the time of writing there are some 40 Angels in production, which gives collectors a huge choice of figurines to choose from.

Each year Demdaco, the manufacturers of the Willow Tree range retire a set number of angels that will never be available again. It’s this act of withdrawing successful models that keeps the thriving collectors market so healthy, but equally important, it’s this act that frustrates so many people who find it hard to complete their collections. Those people who have been buying the angels since their launch in 2000 have been able to buy each piece as and when it was launched, but if you are one of the thousands of people who have discovered the Willow collection in the years since then, you’ll know just how difficult it is to find any missing pieces.

As difficult as it might be to find the last few remaining pieces, it’s not impossible, but in order to know where to start, you need to know just what pieces are missing from your collection and what pieces you need to complete your set. To help you achieve your goals, I have put together a list of every angel that has been retired since they were first made. A total of 27 angels have been retired or are so close to retirement that I’ve included them in my list below. To put it into perspective just how difficult it has become, Demdaco retired 6 angels in the first year alone – these are the most sought after and the most difficult to find:


  • of Giving – retired in 2001
  • of Hearth – retired in 2001
  • of Joy – retired in 2001
  • of Love – retired in 2001
  • of Song – retired in 2001
  • of Strength – retired in 2001
  • of Comfort – retired in 2003
  • of Light – retired in 2003 (re-released in 2008)
  • of Patience – retired in 2003
  • of Protection – retired in 2003
  • of Beauty – retired in 2004
  • of Freedom – retired in 2004 (re-released in 2008)
  • of Kindness – retired in 2004
  • of Christmas Spirit – retired in 2006
  • of Autumn – retires in 2010
  • of Hope – retires in 2010
  • of Learning – retires in 2010
  • of Remembrance – retires in 2010
  • of Spring – retires in 2010
  • of Summer – retires in 2010
  • of the Heart (small) – retires in 2010
  • of the Heart (tall) – retires in 2010
  • of Winter – retires in 2010
  • of Wonder – retires in 2010
  • Welcoming Spirit – retires in 2010

By far the best way to find any missing Willow Tree Collectibles you want is by regularly searching through the eBay listings for this range. The vast majority of listing will be for the latest models, but you will always find collectors who are selling duplicates or figures they no longer want. They are not easy to find and they are no longer cheap, but part of the fun of collecting is in the chase so enjoy the journey.

Source by Ray E Baker

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