Win My Ex Girlfriend Back – Stop Pushing Her Further Away

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After being dumped most people react the same way. They want their girlfriend back. It is a completely normal human reaction but unfortunately most people don’t know how they could get back their loved one. So they are making mistakes, which make everything even worse and eventually they will lose their girlfriend forever. If your only desire is to “win my ex girlfriend back” then you must read this article: you must stop doing those things which ruin your chances and you must start getting her back now!

The very first thing, which must be done is to stop making those mistakes: don’t argue her to come back to you, don’t buy gifts for her and don’t be her! These things will only push her further away since you will seem needy and nobody wants a needy guy!

The second step is to minimize contact with her, you must show her that you are strong without her and you can be happy without her! So now all you need to do is to enjoy life and socialize: go out with your friends. (but stop telling them all the time that “i want to win my ex girlfriend back” if you do so you will lose them too) While you are having fun, there is one more task for you. You must identify the causes of the break up. Why has it happened? You must find an answer to this question and even you must come up with a solution, so you will be able to deal with it when it comes up later. This “zero communication” tactic will result in making your girlfriend miss you after a week or two, she will reconsider her decision and she will call you! Now. I hope, you are getting excited and thinking that “finally I will win my ex girlfriend back!”

When she call you it’s time to meet her. The most important thing at this step is to do everything really slowly, don’t rush! When you meet her, show her that you still care about her and be her very nice! Besides it is very important not to be pushy. Your goal at this stage is to become friends so start going out a lot and doing a lot of fun things together. One more very important thing: be yourself. Don’t forget, she fell in love with you for good. Finally, she will fall in love with you again and you will be together again!

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Source by Donald Stubblefield

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