Win a FREE NFL Jersey!

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What’s your favorite touchdown dance? Think you have the best? Submit your TD dance to:
The winner gets a free NFL jersey on us!


Let’s Build It Together! Join us for the next exciting chapter of TYT and build our next home with us.


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27 thoughts on “Win a FREE NFL Jersey!

  1. @tytsports Does it specifically have to be touchdown? Can it be a football (soccer) goal celebration? If it can't be, then you need to do a separate contest 🙂

  2. Rules:

    1. Record your TD dance
    2. Submit to: Upload [dot] TheYoungTurks [dot] Com (link in description) under the "TYT Sports" tab
    3. TYT will judge submissions. The winner will get a FREE NFL jersey (I shit you not) on us. 2nd and 3rd place will also get prizes.


  3. @aceman0 have no fear, Cenk and Jesus will be doing their top 10 wrestlers of all-time.Be on the lookout on TYTSports' channel for their release this week.


  4. by the way..Cenk always used to say, sickdir…. in turkish it means, fuck or fuck off))) in this situation means, fuck maan, thats greaattt

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