Why wear Christian Gear? Is there a market?

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There is a huge opportunity in the American Christian market today to sell products that allow Christians to display their faith. One specific opportunity is to sell Christian wear and Christian gear that demonstrates the faith in a way that isn’t overbearing. The pain is Christians are looking for ways to demonstrate their faith and talk about their faith with their friends, but many are unsure how to go about it in a way that isn’t offending or abrasive. The majority of Christian wear lines on the market today are blatant to the point of being offensive. More recently, there have been a number of Christian gear that are apparently Christian inspired, but look exactly like clothing sold in department stores. There is an opportunity to fill the need of Christians looking for Christian t shirt designs in between those two extremes: displaying Christianity in a tactful and fashionable way.

Furthermore, although the Christian wear and christian gear market was virtually nonexistent about 10 years ago, today it has expanded from its T-shirt roots into fashionable clothing. The Christian wear and christian gear is in the maturity stage of its product life cycle.  Sales are still on the rise, but are slowing down.  The Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) in Colorado Springs says the Christian retail market grew to $3 billion in 1995 from $1 billion in 1980.  About $60 million a year is spent on apparel alone.    Christian products by CBA member suppliers through all distribution channels were $4.63 billion in 2006, up from $4.3 billion in 2004, $4.2 billion in 2002, and $4 billion in 2000.  Sales through the Christian Retail Channel grew 2.4% from 2004-2006.  The Christian retail market keeps growing every year. However, there are major players, which included discount retailers (Wal-mart, Target, etc.), Christian market internet sellers of Christian wear, Christian Gear, and Christian T shirt Designs (Not of this World, Truth Soul Armor, Christian Couture clothing and Jesusbranded), and general market internet sellers (amazon, etc.).  The percent net profit margin for clothing is pretty low, about 3-8%.  However, there is greater opportunity for high margins for strong brand names as well has quality service. The differentiating factors of the industry is rapid change in consumer tastes.  Something that might be in fashion one day, might not be in fashion tomorrow.

A simple concept to fulfill the need for Christian wear and Christian gear is  a seeker-friend, urban Christian wear store.  The Christian T shirt designs will be big and bold, appealing a the young urban, Christian consumer, a which is an immensely large market, accounting for all consumers in the 12- to 34- year old age group. As a Christian, it is not only important to proclaims one’s faith, but it is also equally important to help the injustice around the world.  As a result, the choice concept also has an aspect of giving back and donating a certain amount of profit towards charity.

Source by Brian Chung

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