Who should be the NFL MVP for the 2017 season?

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46 thoughts on “Who should be the NFL MVP for the 2017 season?

  1. I’m an eagles fan and I pick Wilson…. he’s much more valuable than any candidate sans wentz, but wentz got injured. It’s like another Russell w from the nba who won mvp because he completely carried a bad team. Seahawks missing the playoffs means Brady wins anyway, by default

  2. Moose ! Wentz missed 3 games not 4! And if you think about it, he only really missed 2 as he would not have played in the finale regardless with the no. 1 seed locked up.

  3. If Wentz still gets the MVP this season i'll be the happiest person on earth because we lost out on a super bowl run and it'll be a little something that lessens that lost just a little

  4. When i think mvp i would think the most valuable person to there team not who puts up the best stats and right now i think russel wilson is by far the most valuable person to the team. With basically no offensive line and very banged up defense he managed to get his team a winning record. I mean he accounts for like 80 something percent of his offensive. I think something people also don't mention is that he led the league in touchdowns with 34. If russ and tom switched places I assure you seattle would have a losing record no discredit to brady. But I I'm already aware he won't win most VALUABLE player. This coming from a bears fan

  5. See I don't want to hate patriots fans but they make you because they're so big headed and act like they own the superbowl and I should know my cousin is a big fan and he acts like they can never lose. Patriots fans always say someone is hating on them but be for real nobody gets as much love from the refs as they do. Need to get real

  6. I would go with carson…He has the stats….he also has the "x" factor plays all season. Almost every week he was in the highlight film…While having the best record in the NFL for most of the Season…Missed 3 games still lead the league in TD passes thrown. 2nd year qb..New recieving core..yeah I like Wentz to take this one

  7. Who gives a damn!!!!!! This shit doesn’t matter!! Clearly no one likes Tom being the MVP… just wait, Tom will take another ring home and then will shut all these idiots up… just like last year,, just like SB 49… always shutting up these haters..

  8. John Lynch should get MVP. Sure he is a GM now, but he suited up in the past. Swindled the Bears in the draft then bent the Hoodie over and gave him the ol' in-out in the Jimmy G trade.

  9. Yeah, case keenum is playing with a 5th rounder diggs.. has everyone forgot that Tom Brady is a 6th rounder and has how many consecutive winning seasons with how many random finds of no name players?? Come on. We all know who it belongs to. MVP for shoving it in everyone's face when at the beginning of the season everyone said 40 is too old.

  10. Todd Gurley is coming up a lot – don’t get me wrong he’s been great , but I feel like it’s because of recentcy bias – I feel like Wentz should win it but Gurley will most likely win it

  11. keenum for MVP? 2 stud receivers, arguably best defense in the league. Would love if he wins as he's an underdog.. but brady deserves it by far. 2 star receivers out before season, hogan also out for 3/4 of season, garbage 0 line(3 oline out), below average def. no run game for first 13 weeks..still gets pats #1 seed

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