Who Has The Best WR Group In NFL? | GMFB

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Who Has The Best WR Group In NFL? | GMFB.


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21 thoughts on “Who Has The Best WR Group In NFL? | GMFB

  1. Vikings?! Theilen 1st team all pro. Diggs who is pro bowl talent. Both these players made top 100 voted by players. Kendall wright former pro bowler. Laquon Treadwell is iffy but he is 1st round talent as our 4th string wr. And Stacey coley has some jets. Rudolph isn't a wr but add him in the mix. They have had bad qbs throwing them the ball the past 2 years as well.

  2. Detroit Lions was the only team with two WR's with a thousand yards last season which makes them the best receiving group. M.Jones led all receivers in yards per catch and G.Tate led all receivers in yards after catch. Rookie K.Golliday missed 6 games and still had 500 yards recieving and 4 TD's lol Detroit Lions has the best receiving group in the NFL statistically. Pay attention to the most underrated passing game in the NFL

  3. Can we give the Saints some love with Michael Thomas, Ted Ginn and Snead? And Benjamin Watson that they just signed? Not to mention they have Kamara who is just as good of a receiver as a RB

  4. To the 12yearold packerfan! I totally agree tate is a YAC THUG but not a loser if i remember right packers were losers twice last year!! Good luck with your rookie CBs and trash secondary better be a improvement from laat year! We didn't have ARIAONNA ROGERS though! Yeah good luck with that drama queen! The true triple threat with a CANNON QB is comming for your cheesy heads!!!

  5. If receiving corp means all players who catch the ball, it's definitely the Steelers – Leveon and Jesse James more than make up for what they may lack in a third receiver this year. If it's only receivers, then it's probably the Lions who have 2 #1 receivers and a young field spreading player who will be a #1 receiver at some point in his career.

  6. Now they need to do the best CB duo. I nominate Rhodes & Waynes from the Vikings. Or best D backfield and then it's Rhodes, Waynes & H. Smith.

  7. The Bucs have a very deep WR core (especially if you throw in TE's): MIke Evans, DeSean Jackson, Chris Godwin, Adam Humphries, Cam Brate, OJ Howard.

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