Which Cremation Urn Is Suitable For My Pet?

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Once you have your pet cremated the challenge is how to define someone's character and personality by a simple container. How can an inanimate object do justice to the soul of the one you love so dearly.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding on a pet cremation urn

1. What will you do with the ashes long term?

If you are planning to scatter your ashes then you may not want to go to the expense of a lavish container. If your choice is something other than a simple container you may like to keep the container and place your loved one's belongings in there as a memento, their collar, ball small toys. Then it serves as a dual purpose and can be kept for years to come as a memory box of texts.

2. Is the container to be placed inside or outside

If the casket is to remain indoors then the surface of the container should not be too much of an issue on the other hand if they are to go outside you will need to research an outdoor urn and find something that is weatherproof and very resilient.

3. What sort of character was my loved one?

This question is probably the hardest one you will have to decide upon. How do you make a connection between a box / urn and someone's personality. The first place to start would be:

  • Were they a soft personality or someone quite rugged? You would pick a different Urn for a Rottweiler than a Maltese Terrier. Although this is debatable some Maltese Terriers I have met over the years are convinced they are much bigger than they actually are, very strong and courageous.
  • Was your loved one a diva? Do you need something spectacular to capture their true essence for eternity?
  • Was your loved one just an easy going member of the family a no fuss kind of family member?

So you can see deciding upon an urn is more of a feeling than a factual decision.

Once you have decided on which kind of Urn you think is suitable you will need to make sure you have the right size for your loved one. The size sometimes can be a little tricky and it depends on the process used by your crematorium and also has other variables to look out for. The age of your loved one, their sex and also even things like bone degenerative diseases may even have an impact.

Having the supplier liaise with you usually alleviates any challenges here, simply send through your query and it should be answered with ease.

Source by Lycett D

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