Week 15 Power Rankings | NFL Now

Elliot Harrison goes over his Power Rankings following Week 15 of the NFL Season. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game …


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40 thoughts on “Week 15 Power Rankings | NFL Now

  1. The power rankings are rigged how do u have the titans at 19 and the Dolphins at 15….. the bucs are doing a lot better this year but they shouldn't be in front of those 2 in the power rankings

  2. Titans at 19? because the teams we lost to should be ahead. Not really how you update a power rankings list. By that logic we should also be ahead of the Lions, Broncos, Dolphins and Packers.

  3. cowboys will not win the super bowl this year but they defiantly will within the coming years dak and elliot and some of the defense just needs some more experience but their still a good team this year

  4. How are the Seahawks at 5? I'd put the Lions and Giants above them. They have 3 games this season without a TD and only 1 notable win against NE who, of course, they're gonna play their hearts out against. Most overrated team in the NFL. Their offense is buns

  5. The Titans lost to teams in front of them… Well except Packers,Dolphins,Lions, and Broncos… They beat a top 10 team, get moved up 4 spots. Texans beat another shitty AFC South team, gets moved up 6 spots. #ThisListIsTrash

  6. Titans, NYG, and Texans gonna lose 3 straight. AP will return for Christmas Eve the same time Browns will get their first win and not go defeated. This all equals Colts over Vikings for SuberBowl 51😌😌

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