Walter Payton (The Greatest Player In NFL History) NFL Legends

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Walter Payton “Sweetness” Walter held the NFL’s all-time rushing record for almost two decades. He broke Jim Brown’s mark in 1984 and when he retired after the 1987 season, he had extended the record to 16,726 yards…I grew up a Bears fan so this dude meant alot to me on Dan Marino was more intriguing to me On the football field, he had seemed unstoppable – and he knew it. Tacklers had difficulty tackling those hard-pounding legs, those runs in which his knees never looked like they were bending, the changes in direction, the bursts through the lines, the overpowering collisions…To me it’s a tie between Barry Sanders and Walter as far as running the football but in my eyes i feel he was the the most complete player ever he could run, block, catch, throw, return, and even punt and kick the football you name it he did it…name a player that was that versatile? Sweetness was a different kind of beast!
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6 thoughts on “Walter Payton (The Greatest Player In NFL History) NFL Legends

  1. Walter Payton s dynamic physical presence on what we as human beings saw in him, his motions reflected the pure unadulterated energy of his motions far exceeded anyone else around him represented a raw once in a lifetime if not no one else at all had that explosive nuclear like physics you kind of wonder if he was truly blessed and gifted from God himself that influence all of us to be kind and never blind on how righteous you are ,willing to never give up or hide one s power and strength of the Human Heart of Walter Payton.

  2. FACE PC GAMING Just was wondering could you please do a highlight video on these 2 particular former NFL wide receivers: The Quiet Assassin Art Monk & the rest of the Posse wide receiving corps Gary Clark & Ricky Sanders & The Gayle Sayers/Terrell Davis of NFL wide receivers Sterling Sharpe. I call him the Gayle Sayers/Terrell Davis of NFL wide receivers because if Sayers & Davis can make the Pro Football Hall of Fame after just 5 & 7 year careers respectively why not Sterling Sharpe after just 7 seasons? He won the wide receiver triple crown in 1992 only Steve Smith Sr. during the 2005-06 season has done it since. He broke Art Monk's single season receptions record of 106 with 108 in 1992 & recorded 112 receptions in 1993 thus becoming the first NFL wide receiver to record consecutive 100 reception seasons, he lead the NFL in receiving yards in 1989 & led the NFL with 18 touchdown receptions his final season in 1994 joining only Mark Clayton of the 1984 Miami Dolphins, Jerry Rice of the 1987 San Francisco 49ers, & Randy Moss of the 2007 New England Patriots as the only 4 NFL wide receivers to record 18 or more touchdown receptions in a single season all this in just 7 seasons before a devastating career ending neck injury forced his premature retirement. So if you could somehow please do a video on these 2 great but SEVERLY underrated nowadays NFL wide receivers I would greatly appreciate it.

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