Usain Bolt vs. The NFL

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The NFL is loaded with some of the fastest men in the world. Let’s see how they stack up against Bolt.


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29 thoughts on “Usain Bolt vs. The NFL

  1. Bro what are y'all even talking bout bruh like do I have to spell it out fine D.O.N.T.A.R.I. P.O.E. all fuckin day will hurdle the motherfucker before he reaches half the race and do at least 65 spin moves around bolt and he sack him for a lost of 99 at goal line Malcom butler style.

  2. If its the 40 yard dash A lot of NFL players will actually be faster than Usain bolt. I seen somewhere were justin gatlin ran the 40 in like a 4.41 and he gets the best start in like every race. Usain is a 100m 200m guy but anything like 40 yards he will get beat.

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