Tough Loss! Eagles Lose 27-20 To KC Chiefs! My After Game Reaction..

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Mistakes, turnovers, letdowns in the clutch.. We went down swinging tho.. Tough loss to take when we won basically every stat category.. Those 2 turnovers hurt us in the end..


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10 thoughts on “Tough Loss! Eagles Lose 27-20 To KC Chiefs! My After Game Reaction..

  1. And you made a great point bro about us not being clutch in crunch time… right before you mentioned it I thought of the Ravens game late last yr but as I said self inclifting wounds.. KC don't make mistakes and neither does Alex Smith…. missed fg 3 points, turnover 7 points, turnover 3 points. That's 10 points they scored off of our turnovers/mistakes smfh

  2. On offense, the oline not creating holes for the rb's… and Im not sure if it's the play calling or what but our wr's are just not getting open, and when they are they're dropping passes… the only players who contributed on offense this week to me was Sproles and Ertz. If we can't establish a running game, we're fucked.. we need a balanced offense and right now every aspect of our offense is inefficacious… the wr's, the oline, and the rb's.

  3. Our front 7 is nasty, a super bowl caliber defense…. and i'm impressed with the secondary considering the injuries we took to McCloud and Darby… but the tackling is horrendous… we have to get better at that, Chris Thompson broke through like 5 of our defenders last week, Kareem Hunt and Kelce broke a few this week, we could have potentially gotten burned badly on a few plays because the defense isn't tackling effectively. That's my only issue with the defense though

  4. The Eagles biggest flaw in recent seasons have been miscues and erroneous play. Eagles have a proclivity for throwing an int at pivotal moments of a game. Dropped passes, fumbles, missed fg's, and turnovers have cost us so many close games in recent years that we've should've won; I can think of 7 right off the top. We led the league I believe in penalties and dropped passes last season or the season before if i'm not mistaken… That int by Wentz in the 4th qtr (although I don't think it's totally his fault) changed everything. Just another loss in which we help the opposing team beat us. Until we learn to play more error free football, we'll continue to lose games we should win.

  5. Problems:
    1) Corners get beat often
    2) No dedicated RB (you can't play three running backs, they will never get into the flow of the game)
    3) Play calling
    4) Receivers not getting open or catching the ball
    5) Lineman not blocking

  6. Hey ma man keep your head up!
    The dallas blowboys got literally RAPED tonight 42 -17 by the Broncos LOL!
    Eagles will rebound next week against the Vaginants, don't worry.

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