Top 3 All-Time NFL Defenses – #3 The 1976 Steel Curtain

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Steel Curtain Ultimate Highlights The Steel Curtain is the nickname given to the 1970’s Steelers defensive trench. Anchored by Mean Joe Green and L.C. …


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14 thoughts on “Top 3 All-Time NFL Defenses – #3 The 1976 Steel Curtain

  1. Number one, without a doubt. If you watch their games (from about 1972-1974), you'll notice the offense is at times nearly incompetent – with Franco Harris being the only consistent talent. And all the times they'd get nothing going on offense, the defense would hold up opponents time and again. At points by which they should have grown tired, they would often remain flawless, dominating the line of scrimmage.

    By 1975, their offense had improved vastly and by 1978, it was actually good, but the point is, here you had a team who won championships without a great offense and due to a long list of woes, 1976 should have been dead in the water (which by the AFC championship game, they were), but the defense won these games. The 70's Steelers the best defense ever for an extended period of time and 1976 was their peak year.

  2. Easily the best defense of all time, look at the competition Steelers had to face Raiders, Cowboys Dolphins, etc and went 4-0 in superbowls

  3. i dont remember if it was 78 or 79 but my brother took me to see the steelers against the jets at shea, but for a 12 year old getting to see the steelers live is a memory i will never forget i still have the ticket stub in a cigar box in my home but man that was something a october day cloudy sitting in the upper deck right above the end zone awesome times. and the ticket was 10 bucks!

  4. don't forget in 76 Bradshaw was hurt , so offense was struggling, they shut out at least 6 team's , and lost afc championship game to a great raider team, both 1000 yard running backs were injured. also in that era consider the competition. Oakland, Dallas, Miami, Houston and Minnesota, all teams that would dominate today.

  5. View it unit by unit…76 Steelers D-line vs 85 Bears D-line vs2000 Ravens D-line…Steelers linebackers vs Bears LB's vs Ravens LB's…Steelers secondary vs bears secondary vs Ravens secondary

  6. #3??? You must be 16 years old smh. History lesson #1…stay in school and just say no lol. The New York Giants were a force to be reckoned with as well, during the 80's. Who's #1 in your opinion…the 85 Bears? Granted, but a one year wonder. The Steelers ran ish for a decade, son, limiting opponents to 17, and 20 yards rushing ALL game, winning 10 straight. I guess the 2000 ravens are #2 huh. Go do some home work…take a class informing you of sports history, ok youngin? Lol. Peace.

  7. them steelers were filthy back in the day. gotta know who comes up next, lit videos as usual! Also, if its ok by u, can u let me know what editing u use?

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