Top 25 Plays of September | NFL Highlights

With the first calendar month of the 2017 NFL Season in the books take a look back at the 25 best plays from September. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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44 thoughts on “Top 25 Plays of September | NFL Highlights

  1. wtf Elliot's 61 yard field goal was outstanding to beat the NYG!! should have been in the top 5 which by the way the giants are 0-4 now and EAGLES are at the top of the NFC EAST at 3-1 like if you think if Elliot's 61 yard goal should have been #1

  2. How is Brady's throw No.1??? Number 25 on the Texans made that play look good because he gave up before Cooks even caught the ball. And maybe I'm a biased Eagles fan but c'mon, 25 and 15??? Both of those plays should be higher.

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