Top 10 Running Backs in NFL History

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The best Running Backs in the NFL have the ability to control games. They never seem to be affected by first contact and have the ability to turn broken plays into Touchdowns. The best NFL Running Backs are the ones with amazing vision, power and speed. These are the Hall of Fame Running Backs who have achieved a long list of accolades that will forever be recognized in the NFL record books. These are the top 10 best Running Backs in NFL history.


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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Running Backs in NFL History

  1. . I have not even gotten to number one, but I can tell you the order of the top 3 is wrong. I'll let Brown slide since I am guessing that you are not old enough to have watched him. I am not either, but based on the list I am guessing you are younger than me. I am going to guess Barry Sanders is your number one, and that is wrong. If this list was for the best runners with the football, you'd be right, at least the top 2. But Walter Payton was not only the best complete running back I have ever seen, he was the most complete football player I have ever seen. I have always had my list as Brown, Payton, Sanders. As I mentioned, I am too young to have seen Brown, but almost to a person everyone I have known that was old enough to have watched Brown and Payton say Brown was the best. And Payton was a better running back than Sanders. He was a better receiver, better passer, and the best blocker I have ever seen at halfback, miles better than Sanders. Sanders was more elusive. For most of Payton's career, he had a crap O-line, much as Sanders did. And even the Bears' Super Bowl team had the O-line as the weakest part of the team.

  2. Actually I don't think Martin belongs on list at all….. No over Bo or Dorsett or even The Bus. Martin was great but a product of longevity….. not talent.

  3. Barry Sanders was the greatest and he should've retired as the all time leading rusher and a Superbowl champion as a member of my Miami Dolphins alongside the greatest qb of all time

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