Top 10 Best Defenses in NFL History

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41 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Defenses in NFL History

  1. All if you are idiots!!! The 1971 TC Williams Titans with Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell will always go down as the best defense of all times..and don't forget Petey's contribution to win state..🤓

  2. As someone who watched the 2002 bucks and 2013 Seahawks in certain the 2002 bucks are better. And as far as the 2000 Raven are concerned they played crap quarterbacks all year.


  4. I love how the 2002 Buccaneers are somehow worse than the 2013 Seattle Seahawks, even though the only stats that are provided all lean in the Buccaneers' favor. If a team give less yards per play and per game, less points allowed per game, and have a better turnover percentage than another defense, the how is that not a better defense.

  5. the Los Angeles Rams organization had a defense that conceded the least points-yards and had the most QB sacks in football the first 15 seasons of the Super Bowl era, from 1966-1980. based entirely on the numbers (not opinions), the Los Angeles Rams defense was the best in football on a consistent basis, during an era that is regarded by the pundits as the most physically brutal in NFL history..

  6. my Top Ten defense
    10. 1966 packers
    9. 1977 Atlanta falcons
    8. 1971 vikings
    7. 1976 steelers
    6. 1968 colts
    5. 2000 ravens
    4. 1971 colts
    3. 1970 vikings
    2. 1975 rams
    1. 1969 vikings

  7. 2012 Ravens Safeties – Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard < Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson will both finish as top 5 Safeties. Ravens defense will be top 5 and lead the league in interceptions. Suggs will get back to double digit sacks.

  8. 2017 Ravens – Brandon Williams, Michael Pierce, Kaufusi, Draft Pick Wormley, CJ Mosley, HOF SUGGS, Matt Judon, DP Tim Williams, Eric Weddle, Tony Jefferson, Ladarius Webb, DP Marlon Humphrey, Jimmy Smith. This defense will be Legendary – TONY JEFFERSON. I wonder if CB Tavon Young can return for the playoffs? Maurice Canady is another CB to watch for. Potential first time Pro-bowl players – LT Ronnie Stanley, S Tony Jefferson, NT Brandon Williams, WR Breshad Perriman. Potential DROY candidates – CB Marlon Humphrey and OLB and pass rusher Tim Williams. LG Alex Lewis is the Ravens next Marshal Yanda. Perriman and Wallace are going to tear the tops off some of these defenses with Maclin in the slot and Woodhead catching passes out of the backfield. Perriman will be in the same conversation as Antonio Brown and AJ Green. Ozzie has been getting bargain after bargain in FA and are still looking to add a RT.

  9. NFL record for a 16 game season – 165 points, 2000 Ravens. They recovered 26 fumbles, twice as many as the 2nd best team. Gave up only 970 yards rushing, an NFL record for a 16 game season. And a league best 2.7 yards per carry and 5 rushing TDs. Tony Siragusa, Sam Adams, Michael McCrary, Rob Burnett, Adalius Thomas, Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware, Jamie Sharper, Rod Woodson, and two young CBs from the draft, Chris McCallister and Duane Starks.

  10. 2000 Ravens were the best. They gave up 3 points in two playoff games against a good Broncos and Gannon led Raiders team. Ten points to the Titans that were arguably better than the 1999 SB Titans that should have beat the Greatest Show on Turf. And basically shut out the Giants except for a rare ST kickoff return for a TD in a blow out.

  11. The 2000 Ravens & 2015 Broncos were truly special doing what they did in the modern day NFL where teams are a lot more even. Before free agency & the lack of loyalty to a team, the Pack would've had the best D dominating for a decade (60s).

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