Titans vs. Texans | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights

The Tennessee Titans take on the Houston Texans during Week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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50 thoughts on “Titans vs. Texans | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights

  1. Watson's arrival and immediate contribution to help the offense score a lot and eat up the clock a lot might be the last straw needed to for bill o brien/Texans to implement the #1 rule they learned from bill belichick which is run a team with cheaper players when possible. JJ watt might get traded in 2018 since the Texans don't have a real heavy need for his aggressive injury prone type play anymore because the offense is now finally doing its part

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  3. Just realized that Nuuuuuuuk and Bruuuuuuuce play on the same team now. Along with Deshaun Watson and Jadaveon Clowney. A mix of some of the best South Carolina and Clemson players ever.

  4. This is what happens when you listen to NFL draft guys, Todd McShay and that other mad scientist looking guy on espn.

    See what is happening to Darnold?

    These guys know nothing, why do teams continue to listen to these guys. You thought they would have learned with Carr, whom McShay said is a 4th round QB.

    These low tier teams let another get away…

  5. Titans beat the Seahawks last week that was just a fluke man Seahawks are a better team anyway Titans lost this week and Seahawks beat the Colts go hawks

  6. Great game Texans you got Chiefs next and that won’t be no easy task gonna be one if not the hardest challenge for Watson this year. Obviously he won’t have a game like this against chiefs but should be a good one again.

  7. The Titans got to stop putting themselves in a early hole. Seriously, we start slow on both sides of the ball and expect to come back and win. Not gonna happen. 21-0 in the first quarter is sad. Mariota can't run all the time and shouldn't. That's why he's injured

  8. watson will be better than all the rookie qb drafted ahead of him. he proved he can play vs bama twice in championship games. but the so called experts didnt feel he was the best qb in his class cause of height? smh

  9. As a Redskins fan, I'm excited to have this guy on my fantasy team. I also like watching the Texans win because they're the better Texas team, looking forward to seeing Watson in the playoffs later.

  10. all those haters during pre season games saying watson was a bust … LoL and dude donates his first game check to flood victims … not chains and teeth and thug bullshit , but flood victims.. i KNEW he could perform in the NthugLeague, and it would come to light that he is also a thoughtful young man … so to all you butthurt college fans who said he wouldn't make an impact in the league… well … I TOLD YOU SO !!

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