The Party Animal Teeny Mates 1″ NFL Series 5 Collectible Figures Locker Room Set

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Teeny Mates are 1″ collectible figures of your favorite sports teams. Collect all 32 NFL figures AND lockers with the Teeny Mates Series 5 Locker Room Set! Each Locker Room Set includes: 3 Random Teeny Mates NFL Series 5 Lineman Figures, 3 Blue Lockers that Stack and Snap Together, 3 Random Team Locker Stickers, and a Water Cooler and Bench Accessories.Get your game plan together in the locker room before taking the field!
Includes 3 1″ figures, 3 lockers, 3 NFL team locker stickers, plus bench and cooler
Stack and snap lockers connect together and open to fit the figures inside!
Collect all 32 NFL team figures and all 32 NFL team lockers to complete the set
Fun for kids ages 4 and up and sports fans and collectors of all ages

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