The Legion of BOOM Official Highlight Reel | NFL Highlights

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Richard Sherman. Earl Thomas. Kam Chancellor… The Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom… Legendary.

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20 thoughts on “The Legion of BOOM Official Highlight Reel | NFL Highlights

  1. Best defense in nfl history by far. No other great defense had to contend with the offenses that the Legion did (including the highest scoring offense in nfl history) and no other great defense played in an era where the nfl enforced rules to protect quarterbacks and receivers in favor of offenses and high scoring. And no other defense in any era remained dominant for as long as they did. The point isn’t even really arguable. As the league rules get worse and worse and favor a high scoring passing league style we will likely not see a defense like this again.

  2. A lot of people claim that other defenses were better statistically but were overshadowed by how bad their offense was. They might not have been the best statistically but they were certainly up there. You also had to watch the games too. I never have seen a defense with so much chemistry. Not a single standout superstar on that entire team even because everyone was playing out of their mind.

  3. The Seahawks could have been legendary, if it wasn’t for the decision to throw. I say they would have won at least 1 to 2 more after 49 with this core.

  4. Long dreads Sherman and Thomas looking like predators coming at the receivers and that bam bam hits is just ridiculous. Imagine if chancellor had that dreads too it's a scary sight running at you

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