The Legend of Deion Sanders’ 40-yard Dash | NFL Now

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Deion Sanders tells the tale behind his legendary 40-yard dash and how the combine has changed over the last 30 years.

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41 thoughts on “The Legend of Deion Sanders’ 40-yard Dash | NFL Now

  1. Just my opinion greatest football player I ever watched.

    He could change game almost as much as a quarterback.

    His side of the field was off limits.

    Then the return game and don't taking about him not hitting hard.

    Whole lot of DBs that don't hit hard.

  2. Deion for all of his 40 bravado never even tried to compete against the best sprinters in the NFL fastest man competition, knowing full well it would be embarrassing if he gets beaten and blown out by former Olympic sprinters on national TV!

  3. Dion also has the greatest off field arrest of all-time. A 28y/o Dion Sanders was arrested for … bass fishing. Technically it was trespassing … but he was bass fishing. Gotta get that 'prime' spot I guess.

  4. Too bad his pinky tow wasnt strong enough to maintain such power! Im just playing but he was def something to watch
    I even remember in the super Nintendo tecmo bowl days,nobody could catch him!

  5. I'd trust that guy who showed us the 4 separate times written down than what Deion and his MASSIVE ego has to say. Of course Deion would say he ran a 4.1-something, If it were humanly possible, he'd probably tell us he ran a 3.9 lol

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