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Maxim Magazine aimed squarely at young men, is a glossy magazine focused on beautiful women, slick gadgets, fast cars, sports, entertainment and other male obsessions. Maxim is written for young professional men who are confident, intelligent everyday guys. Maxim is a unique combination of service journalism and irreverent humor addressing real concerns of regular guys. Its success comes from understanding that men need to know a little bit about a lot of things and MAXIM delivers this information in a witty & relevant style. Maxim addresses the real life needs of intelligent professional men in an entertaining as well as informative way.

This publication sets out to reach men in their late 20’s rather than out and out lads producing a magazine that readers can grow into rather than out of. Research confirms that the mean average age for this magazine is on target at 28. It serves as both a fun and informative publication delivering a healthy balance of accessible service with a humorous tone. In addition to scantily clad cover models and plenty of revealing photo layouts, issues include reviews of the latest movies in theaters, CD, DVD along with video games and articles on how to successfully seduce women the latest styles and trends and interviews with celebrities. Maxim is the essential guide for active male consumer. Every issue features fashion, sports, gadgets, sports gear, sex advice, music & movie reviews all in an entertaining and irreverent style where humor is a key element. Other regular features include jokes, trivia, a sex column, practical advice, a sports column and more.

Maxim published by Alpha Media Group is the essential guide for active male consumer. With one of the largest male subscriber files Maxim addresses the real life needs of men in an entertaining and engaging style. I also have to admit that it is a pretty interesting magazine to read. It seldom has any long in-depth articles like Playboy, so you can pick it up anywhere and not get too absorbed. Here are some titles just to give you some examples of some of their articles. How to Fight a Duel, complete with history as well as the best ways to incite a challenge out of someone in the modern age, how to sneak into any sporting event, how to spot a ‘fake’ woman in a bar to avoid recreating an embarrassing scene from the “Crying Game”. Another article is How to sound smart about money which gives detailed terms to throw out about stocks, bonds and interest rates to impress the unenlightened.

Like many women magazines some articles are clearly only aimed at one sex. Both how to spot a nymphomaniac and how to score at a funeral are clearly only aimed at men but how to screw with a telemarketer can be considered good advice for either men or women. One article lists the top five countries that have more women than men and possible reasons why. It could be argued that this is not a gender specific article but after reading it it becomes clear that this is telling men where to travel if you want to improve your odds of finding a woman.

Every issue of Maxim includes reviews of the latest movies, music, video games, the latest styles and trends plus interviews with celebrities. Other regular features include the best of sports, gadgets, health and fitness, fashion, sex and humor. Maxim Magazine is similar to Playboy, Penthouse and most other Magazines. I might call this a somewhat more juvenile version of Playboy, but that is not quite the most accurate description.

Subscriber Profile:
· 73%- Age 18-34
· 27- Median age
· $64,428- Median household income
· 61%- Single
· 66%- College graduate
· 39%- Homeowner

It should be noted that the magazine has achieved an amazing level of success in a very short time. It came out in early 1997, and by the end of 1999 it had become the number one general interest magazine for men. They boast that on the newsstand, Maxim outsells Esquire, Rolling Stone, and Sports Illustrated magazines combined. Alpha Media Group, (formerly Dennis Publishing), publishes the two most successful modern lifestyle magazines for men in America – Maxim and Stuff – along with general interest music magazine Blender.

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