Texans vs. Raiders | NFL International Week 11 Game Highlights

Derek Carr and the Raiders defeated Brock Osweiler and the Texans on Monday Night Football from Mexico City. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game Pass:…


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32 thoughts on “Texans vs. Raiders | NFL International Week 11 Game Highlights

  1. You know Brock Osweiler is WACK first he was a Bronco Then He was Overly paid in Houston #PrayForHouston Now He is on the Browns roster and They Might Cut him . He is a Laughing stock.You know you suck when a Team that sucks Don't Want you Lmao. He should've Stayed Peytons Understudy to learn more mechanic from the Goat ….

  2. usually the raiders are on the other side of this kind of game. they deserve to know what it feels like after being screwed over pretty much forever.

  3. I'm swear raiders were playing terrible there was no way they were going to win and I started getting head and just like that we took command of the game. She must have won us like 6 games last year

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