The Posse (Washington Redskins) NFL Legends

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Led by Art Monk “The Posse” were some bad a** dudes…Ricky Sanders and Gary Clark were straight burners and Monk a Hall of Famer one of the best position receivers of all time, This bunch were the first trio to each have 1,000 yards in a season and won two Super Bowls without the help of a Hall of Fame quarterback but were given plenty of time by “The Hogs” and had the brilliant Joe Gibbs calling the shots and they capitalized…I really miss real football I use to watch as a kid…Sigh Music by Billy Elm & Woody Jackson
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Cowboys vs. Redskins 1982 NFC Championship | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the 1982 NFC Championship between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.

12:04 Septien 27-yard Field Goal

16:26 Joe Theismann Escapes rush and delivers strike

19:46 Theismann 19-yard TD Pass

37:17 Moseley misses field goal

40:01 Tony Dorsett stopped on 3rd and 1

43:45 Cowboys Botch Punt, Redskins recover

47:30 Riggins 1-yard TD Run

1:11:51 Drew Pearson 6-yard TD Catch

1:17:41 Riggins 4-yard TD Run

1:25:58 Butch Johnson 23-yard TD catch

1:37:55 Septien Missed Field Goal

1:47:15 Moseley 29-yard Field Goal

1:48:51 Darryl Gant Pick Six

1:56:57 Redskins Stop Cowboys on 4th Down

2:06:26 Redskins Celebration

The 1982 regular season was shortened by a lockout, but that did not stop the Washington Redskins from rolling to an 8-1 record. The franchise looked poised to make it to their second Super Bowl appearance. The Dallas Cowboys would met them in the NFC Championship and the Redskins clung to a seven point lead in the fourth quarter. The game was finally sealed by a Darryl Grant pick six, sending Washington to Super Bowl they would go on to win.

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