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Way too Early NFL MVP, Rookie of the Year, & MORE Award Predictions

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Way too Early NFL MVP, Rookie of the Year, & MORE Award Predictions | Total Access | NFL Network

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The ClickBank E-Commerce Solution

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ClickBank.com can offer you multiple solutions for
your e-commerce business. Here are some of the
advantages of using ClickBank.

1. Accept Credit Cards Without a Merchant Account

If your product is downloadable (such as electronic
books or software), ClickBank may be an excellent
solution for you. For a $ 49.95 initial fee, you can
process credit cards and on-line checks for $ 1.00
per transaction plus 7.5% of sales.

2. Start Your Own Affiliate Program

With ClickBank, you have your own built-in affiliate
program. You decide what commission (from 1% to 75%)
you would like to pay your affiliates.

To learn more about ClickBank.com, visit

3. Receive Free Advertising

You receive additional exposure through free listing
on the ClickBank website and through the search
facilities of other websites, such as CBMall.com.

To learn more about CBMall.com, visit

4. Obtain Referral Commissions

Even without applying for ClickBank credit card
processing, you can earn referral agreements on
thousands of ClickBank Marketplace products.

To learn more about ClickBank Marketplace, visit

5. Eliminate Sales Tax Problems

Are you registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) for
online transactions for European Union (EU)
countries since July 1, 2003?

Are you collecting the appropriate state or
provincial sales taxes?

If you are a Canadian, are you aware of your
obligation to collect Goods and Services Tax (GST)
and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on Internet

Again, ClickBank may be your solution. ClickBank
is registered for EU purposes and adds the
appropriate VAT to each transaction.

As well, to deal with ClickBank, you must agree to
sell your product to them. ClickBank then resells
your product to their customers. Thus, ClickBank
becomes the retailer responsible for collecting
sales taxes – not you. Obviously, ClickBank will
not be subject to sales taxes in most jurisdictions.

Since ClickBank is located in the United States and
can only sell or use the products it sells from
there, it would appear that Canadian GST and
HST would not be applicable to them.

Of course, this is not legal advice. To determine
your liability for sales and similar taxes, consult
your lawyer and accountant.

To read more about sales taxes on Internet
transactions, visit

Considering its many advantages, ClickBank may well
be your e-commerce solution!

Source by J. Stephen Pope

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Different Types of Card Games

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There are limitless types of card games to be played. People think because two games use the same deck of 52-cards that they are similar games, but nothing could be more different than Barbu and Speed, or Pai Gow and Pinochle.

Here’s a list of twenty different kinds of card games, and some facts about them.


Bridge is a popular contract bidding game. Bridge has a culture — there are websites, newspaper columns, and even radio shows devoted to bridge strategy. There is a world-wide obsession with bridge, even though it has been called the hardest card game in the world. With a complicated strategy and steep learning curve, to many bridge is not just a game, it is a lifestyle. I wish I were exaggerating.

2. Whist

Whist could be called “Bridge, Jr” — and though it is not as big a game as it once was, and is dwarfed in popularity by big-brother Bridge, Whist has never really died out. Card gamers love trick-taking games — beating out your opponent in such a visual way is one of the more exciting part of any card game. Whist has some of the complexity of Bridge without any bidding.

3. Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is something of a legend — a poker variation with a story as rich as a Spaghetti western. This version of poker, a drawing and betting game, was invented and then made popular by old time poker sharks in Texas, hence the name. This is easily the most popular poker variant right now, and is bringing more new people to card gaming than any other game.

4. Hearts

It is said that most of the professional poker tour players are hardcore Hearts players and that they bet big money on cutthroat games of Hearts in dark mysterious rooms during tournaments. Romantic as that may sound, it would make sense for these card sharks to love the game of Hearts – an otherwise childlike game of matching cards (and no bidding) usually turns into a competitive nightmare. Because of the game play, there are lots of ways to screw your opponents in Hearts. Trick-winning and passing card are big elements of Hearts.

5. Spades

People don’t realize it, but spades is a variation of bridge that simplifies the game even more than Whist and changes the outcome of the game as well. Spades is really popular in large groups, on college campuses, and in tournaments around the world. There may be as many variations of Spades as there are groups playing it — thanks to “jailhouse rules” which penalize tactics like point sandbagging and the existence of multiple versions of “house rules”. A strategic game you can play without paying much attention if you want.

6. Go-fish

This is the simple children’s card matching game we all remember from our childhood. You can play Go-fish with as many players as you have cards. Some people claim Go-Fish is a variation of Rummy but the simplicity of the game and the children’s game gimmick make it likely just some toy company’s creation. Strangely enough, Go-fish is known as Literature in some parts of the world. Write in if you understand that one.

7. War

Another children’s game (or time-killing game) War is a straight luck based game. Depending on the flop of the card, you either win or lose a war. Most people under the age of 30 learned War before they learned any other card game. You’ll see War played a lot in lines at airports.

8. Oh Hell!

Substitute your own dirty word for “Hell!” and you know this party game. Most of the fun is the fact that you get to cuss a lot and people laugh at you. What keeps this game popular is that it is a strict betting game. The object of Oh Hell! is to bid the precise number of tricks you will win. You have to take only the number that you bid, no more and no less. Play is precise, and because of the structure of the game, one player always blows it big time. There. That’s what’s fun. Screwing your opponent.

9. Blackjack

A skill game that in some casinos is the best bet you can make, if you can play a perfect hand. This is one of the most popular casino card game, and has a place in popular culture as THE “Vegas” game. The point is to build a hand that adds up to a total of 21 points without going over, and ending up with a higher number than the dealer. Players compete against the House directly, adding to the fun. Little known fact — there exists somewhere in this world a blackjack player’s hall of fame. Safe to say that this game’s got a cult following

10. Baccarat

James Bond’s favorite game (don’t believe the hype — it wasn’t poker or blackjack — read the books) Baccarat is a basic betting game. Players bet on who will win a given hand – the player, the banker, or if there will be a tie. Sure it looks easy, but Baccarat is a skill game. A small sidenote about Baccarat — the name comes from the name of the worst possible hand. This would be like calling your video poker machine “High Card Poker”. Just doesn’t have the same ring as “Royal Flush”.

11. Solitaire

The most varied card game in the world. In England, they call this game Patience, and for good reason. Solitaire requires little set up beyond putting cards in specific places, and is usually played by yourself. Solitaire is another popular airport line waiting game.

12. Rummy and variations

There are lots of different kinds of Rummy, more than are probably written down on any list. I’ve written for a website that had me list 500 variations or other names for Rummy, so I’ll spare you the reading and just say there’s lots of kinds of Rummy. The more popular versions are called Gin Rummy, Liverpool Rummy, and Contract Rummy. The feature that makes a game a Rummy is a player matching identical cards into pairs and other groups. Some experts believe the Chinese game of Mahjong is part of the Rummy family, though I’d bet the Chinese are just fine with Mahjong as it is.

13. Pai Gow

This is an old Chinese domino game that has been passed down through the years as a poker variation. You’ll see Pai Gow at casinos in both as a poker and a domino game — it is probably the casino game that the least number of people understand. This is a game of fast bets, player versus dealer. Pai Gow strategy is just as rich as any other poker betting game, and the culture of Pai Gow is similar to the Blackjack culture — super-fast bets and edgy behavior at the margins.

14. Spoons

A silly card game probably invented to keep kids out of trouble, Spoons is a bluffing game (with some elements of matching) that uses simple kitchen utensils as an added play element. The first player in the group to draw a poker style four of a kind reaches to a pile of spoons in the middle of the table, signalling the other players to grab for one. Since there’s one less spoon than players, one player will be left out every time. So its a social interaction game, and not a game chock full of card strategy. its still fun. Great date night game.

15. Speed

Speed (sometimes called Spit) is a matching game that is unique because both players play simultaneously and as fast as they can. In Speed, a player tries to ‘get rid’ of his or her cards by matching them to cards placed face-up on the table. This is a face to face game, though there’s actually little interaction between the two opponents. The last few moments of any game of Speed reminds me of solitaire on fast-forward, with hands and cards flying around and rows forming and draining like water pipes. Strange game, Speed.

16. Crazy 8s

This is another children’s matching game, you could say it is cousin to the popular game Uno. The 8s in the deck of standard cards are considered “crazy” not because they need to be medicated but to indicate they are wild cards. In some variations of Crazy 8s, not just Wild Cards but other “rule cards” exist, making the game more complex for older players.

17. Slapjack

If you want to teach more complex card games to younger kids, Slapjack is the perfect vehicle. The object of Slapjack is to acquire the whole deck of cards by matching and slapping pairs. Kids like to slap stuff, and the game can be played over and over again.

18. Old Maid

You don’t need an “Old Maid” deck to play this kid’s card game — any standard 52 card deck will do. Just remove one of the Queens. Old Maid is a matching game where players find pairs You trade cards with your opponent until that player is left with the unmatched Queen. Matching games are popular, and the novelty “Old Maid” packs are fun for kids.

19. Cribbage

This is a hybrid board and card game with complicated rules that generally intimidates people, even hardcore card gamers. You play cribbage by forming groups of cards that are worth different point values, and moving a peg on a board that represents your progress accordingly. Requiring a specific board (or a quick hand with a pen and paper) cribbage isn’t the best travel game, but as fans of cribbage will tell you, no two games are alike. There are solitaire versions of cribbage, and other varieties of cribbage game play to choose from if you’re bored with the standard version.

20. Pinochle

Pinochle is popular because it is a trick-taking game that you play with a 48 card deck. In Pinochle, you try to make melds or tricks, much like in Gin, but there’s a really complex scoring system making the game fun to learn and to master. To be good at pinochle, you have to play for a number of years, and lose plenty of hands. Though it is less popular year after year, Pinochle is one of those “heritage games”.

Source by Mike Hunter

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The Joy of Living

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Life is beautiful on its own. I realize this after I translated the short story Good Luck and Best Wishes from Chinese into English.

In the story, people live a primitive life with few modern belongings in a far-off mountainous area; however, they enjoy life enormously. A bowl of fermented spirits, a flowery bun, colorful strings, spices, scented pouches, and longing for love and marriage bring them great joy of living.

Mom teaches her teen daughter how to hold a needle and how to use a thimble to sew flowered cloth into the shape of a heart to make a scented pouch, and how to spread aromatic spices to make the scented pouch bulge. The girl savors the pleasure of using a thimble to push a needle, the pleasure of pulling a needle through a cloth, and the pleasure of joining two pieces of cloth together.

Dad teaches his young boy to pound the spices in a mortar with a stone pestle, but spices jump out mischievously. Through pounding and pounding, the boy finally can make the spices turn compliant and burst into flowers, which satisfies him. As he pounds the pestle up and down, the house becomes filled with the aroma.

The atmosphere is aromatic and mystic and the practice means more than itself. The teenagers feel that it is something beautiful and worth expecting. The implication of sex education is evasive, beautiful and healthy.

On Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month), the young boys and young girls climb onto mountaintop to collect Chinese spicy mugwort plants, they feel like harvesting good luck and best wishes for the entire year. They enjoy being young, being together, being pure and being in love.

The story doesn’t provide a specific time setting nor a particular place. There is nothing to do with politics. It is simply an ode to life. Living is meaningful and beautiful by itself. It doesn’t take much to be happy.

Good Luck and Best Wishes, authored by Wenbin Guo, is included in the short story collection Street Wizards and Other New Folklore, one volume of 21st Century Chinese Literature, which presents a kaleidoscope of Chinese folk customs and provides a view of the multifaceted and living China.

Wenbin Guo, born in 1966 in Xiji County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, now is a chair of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Yinchuan City and vice Chair of Ningxia Writer’s Association. Good Luck and Best Wishes has won the People’s Literature Prize and other awards in China.

Source by Jade Meng

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Improve Your Squash: Advantages of Watching the Ball at All Times

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Watching the squash ball during a rally is the most important thing you can do to improve your game. Never ever take your eyes of the ball during a rally. if you are afraid of watching the ball when behind you, wear protective eyewear. It is impossible to reach your potential if you don’t consistently keep your eyes on the ball. Watching the ball as it leaves your opponent’s racquet, in particular when the ball is behind you, will dramatically increase on how you are able to:

Better judge your opponent’s shot

You will get the first idea of where your opponent’s shot is going when the ball leaves his racquet. You can gather information on the direction, the trajectory, the speed and the height of the shot for your brain to calculate where you will need to be to meet it. To accurately track the ball, it is necessary to keep your eye on the ball at all times. If you wait to see the ball come off of the front wall you have lost about half of the valuable trajectory input necessary to accurately judge the shot played.

Better anticipate your opponent’s shot

Only by watching the ball that split second at impact coming off your opponent’s racquet will let you anticipate his shot.

Important: If you are turning your head back to the front wall prior to impact you are not anticipating, you are guessing! To volley well in particular you need to see the ball early to be on your way to intercept it. If you learn to anticipate if they’re driving, dropping, boasting or going cross-court then that is half the battle right there. Anticipation only works with watching the ball when it is behind you.

Research demonstrates that “expert”players can predict the opponent’s shot to a very high accuracy level up to 600 milliseconds before impact. Important cues for making anticipatory decisions – movement of the arm and racquet especially 160-80ms before impact and the flight of the ball immediately (up to 80ms) after impact.

The two main sources of information that are used by expert players are:

1. Probability – the opponent’s strategic habits, the opponent’s technical abilities and his/her court position;

2. Postural cues given off by the opponent – specifically the arm and racquet movement leading up to contact with the ball.

Research has shown that expert players do not have better “vision”than beginners nor do they look at different cues to beginners when searching for information on which to base their decision about what is about to happen. Rather, expert players appear to make better use of the information available – especially with regard to the opponent’s arm and racquet action.

Expert players also identify or pick up patterns of play better than beginners.

Anticipation skills range from the simple – predicting the bounce of the ball, through to the ability to read the play sufficiently well to volley a fast paced ball hit from the front court by a “deceptive” player. These skills become automatic with experience but traditionally, we have only developed these skills by playing matches.

Better move around the court, have a better rhythm

Watching the ball when it is behind you is vital for movement. This, in turn, will increase your speed to the ball and allow you to move at the appropriate speed, not overrunning the ball. Overrunning the ball is one of the biggest problems at a beginner level.

If you watch the front wall, you will only have the sound of your opponent hitting the ball or the ball coming into your peripheral vision to react too. This will often have your feet moving late or very late respectively, and make it a huge disadvantage in getting to your opponent’s tight shots.

watching improves your speed around the court dramatically without getting any faster physically. I believe watching the ball well will get you way faster around the squash court than getting physically faster.

Only through consistently watching the ball coming off your opponent’s racquet when the ball is behind you in the back court will you learn a rhythm to move around the squash court.

Rhythm is an integral part in any sport, facilitating all movements.

Make better tactical decision

The more time available you have in this fast game, the better your decisions tend to be.

Play safer and avoiding decisions against you.

Watching helps you getting out of the way of the racket swing, and ball, while your opponent is returning the shot. Wear eyewear if you are afraid to watch. Without watching the ball your progress will be limited and can be dangerous. Watch the ball and if you are too close and within the “line of fire” move out of the way, but do not take your eye off the ball. You can’t always go back to the T when you hit a loose shot. Move your T position if necessary.

The downside of not watching the ball when your opponent is behind is that you may be guilty of not clearing, and even worse,not attempting to clear. That can be the difference between a stroke and a let.

Source by Dominique Chiquet

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Top 10 Must Have Home Decor

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Home decoration concept is revolutionizing! The beauty of home may be accentuated with pretty add-ons. Your preferences plays vital role in choosing home decorator collection for your house, the practical approach is always to look out for the living space available and how you would like to make use of it. Space in your home should need to be taken into account while selecting décor. Use the available space wisely and creatively…With a modest amount of creative imagination and novelty it is possible to completely change the look and feel of your house. Just a little deviation from common colorings and textured walls bring amazing changes to interiors. This could also allow you to show off your spirits geared up to any special occasion.

As soon as you’ve selected a design and style, home decorating stores, traditional outlets or local flea markets will be a fantastic starting point for home decoration items. Home decoration stores are flooded with variety of high end house hold goods. With the ease of internet, everything you need to do is to browse through a number of products offered and pick one which suits your needs. In the following paragraphs we will discover the top ten home decor:

1. Photoframes – Everyone wants to keep their most memorable moment’s picture clicked and adorned in a beautiful picture frame. Hunt for exclusive photo frames with beveled glass, unconventional patterns, or clay fruity one for kid’s room.

2. Flower vase – This can be very important part of your drawing room or living room or even terracotta vase for the garden.

3. Wall clocks – Wall clocks do more than telling time to your décor. Pendulum clock and Cuckoo watches gives antique feel to the room.

4. Wall hangings – Wide range of wall hangings, made of natural fiber- jute; rugs or wall carpets to quilts to tapestry wall hangings and wooden quotation planks.

5. Metal figurines – Brass or white metal idols of gods, statue of Venus too are nice decorative items.

6. Religious symbols – Spiritual symbols owe due reverence. Om and Swastik are the common hangings.

7. Decorative mirrors – Jumbo mughal painting mirror gives traditional Indian touch to your dressing room.

8. Lighting fixtures – Lights are vital in decoration. It may hide flaws or highlight them if not used aesthetically.

9. Carpet and Rugs – Colorful silk wall carpets or a neutral color rug increase the beauty of wall.

10. Furnishings – Furniture need not necessarily be of wood…Against this trend now get a wrought iron, pipe, cane furniture to save space.

Many home decorating stores or home décor boutiques have mushroomed across the country and qualified interior decorator there readily assist you in turning your abode into a godly place. They understand mechanics of designing, thus are of great help.

Many retail stores have gone online; their round the customer helpline will be available any time of the day. Online shopping lets you browse the every detail of the product and then compare prices on other websites too before buying. Look out for bargains and save some bucks…on home decor stores online.

Source by Shivani Mathur

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What is the Ultimate Lifestyle?

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Since the mission of this newsletter is to help you define,
carve out, and live your own Ultimate Lifestyle, I figured I
should devote some space to laying a proper foundation for
doing that.

Before you can hit a target, you need to know where it is!
So, to begin, let's answer the question:

What is The Ultimate Lifestyle?

First of all, it's different for different people. There are
no rules or formulas. For some people, it means a lot of
money, lots of "stuff," a fast-paced and "jet-set" sort of
lifestyle. For others, it means a very simple, slow-paced
life that focuses on service to others. And for others, it's
every possible scenario in between these two "extremes."

There's no right or wrong lifestyle, or good or bad

There's just what works for you – and it will likely change
over time. I know it has for me.

No matter how you end up defining Ultimate Lifestyle for
yourself, now and in the future, there are 8 components that
must be considered:

1) Income Streams

To live your Ultimate Lifestyle, you must have income
streams flowing that allow you to pay your bills and finance
all the "extras" you prefer. To me, the ultimate target to
shoot for in arena arena is to have income streams flowing
Whether you "show up" for "work" or not, so you can choose
what you want to show up for (even if it continues to be
what you call "work" or a "job.").

That's what I've been able to achieve by applying my
Invisible Path / 11th Element strategies combined with direct
marketing on and off the Internet.

Having income streams streaming whether you show up or now
seems like "pie in the sky" to many people, but it's
actually very attainable in today's world. You'll learn more
about how to do it in future issues.

2) Emotions and Beliefs

Many people fail to create their Ultimate Lifestyle because
they have emotional blocks, issues, or beliefs (what I call
"p.s's." Egypt "master biography files") that hold them back.
Other people have produced extra results and could
live their Ultimate Lifestyle, but their blocks, issues or
beliefs prevent them from doing it – or fully enjoying it.

Therefore, living The Ultimate Lifestyle must include having
access to resources and inner skills that allow you to
remove and remove, heal, or release any blocks, issues or
beliefs that hold you back. You'll learn more about how to
do that in future issues.

3) Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Whether you have a 9-5 job and career, you're a full-time
mom, or whatever you do with your time, a big part of living
The Ultimate Lifestyle means getting as much fulfillment and
satisfaction from what you spend your time on as possible.

Many people do not ask for this, do not focus on this, and
therefore do not get it. You must make it part of your
intention and focus!

4) Living Environment

How and where do you want to live? In the mountains? In the
big city? On the water? Multiple homes? Do you want to live
in a big home or a small home? Is privacy or seeing
beautiful scenery out your windows important to you? Do you
like modern furnishings, antiques, or an eclectic mix?
Living the Ultimate Lifestyle means asking these questions
and having a home base that nourishes you at a very deep
level. My family recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia
in pursuit of the nourishing living environment we craved –
and we got it, even better than we expected!

5) Relationships

What good is having income streams, a healthy emotional
life, empowering belief systems, a great living environment,
and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from how you
spend you time if you're alone (and do not want to be) or
your relationships with significant others (parents,
siblings, kids, associates, etc.) are a mess? Believe me, I
know about this one from long personal experience (before
meeting my wife, Cecily).

Therefore, living The Ultimate Lifestyle must include having
access to resources and inner skills that allow you to
attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships.

6) Health

Again, what good is having income streams, a healthy
emotional life, empowering belief systems, a great living
environment, fulfillment and satisfaction, and great
relationships if you have health problems that drag your
quality of life into the gutter?

Dr. Robert Lindberg says, "We spend most of our life gaining
wealth and we then spend most of our wealth on gaining back
our health. "

Living The Ultimate Lifestyle means having access to
knowledge, resources, and skills that allow you to get
healthy, stay healthy, and quickly resolve difficulties if
and when they arise. I discussed some of the resources I use
for this in previous issues, and will continue to share them
in future issues,

7) Time

You can have income streams, a healthy emotional life,
empowering belief systems, a great living environment,
fulfillment and satisfaction, great relationships and health
and if you do not have any time to do what you love, to
follow your non-work passions, or to truly enjoy anything,
what's the point? I know many people who could absolutely be
living their Ultimate Lifestyle, but they choose to work too
much, to the detriment of their quality of life. That's too
bad – to have the choice and ability and not do it.

8) Wealth Building, Management, and Responsibility

The final component to living The Ultimate Lifestyle is
having systems in place that allow you to use your income
streams to create wealth (as you define it), manage it, grow
it, protect it, structure your financial and business
affairs for maximum efficiency and personal benefit, and
find ways of contributing and giving back (if that's
important to you, which it is to me and my wife).

I'll be writing a follow up article, called "The fuel that drives the Ultimate Lifestyle" shortly.

Source by Bob Scheinfeld

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Poker Games Online – Expansion in Console Gaming!

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Playing poker has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its popularity has grown tenfold in the last 2 years with the release of TV poker channels such as that on ESPN and SkyPoker.

All you need to play poker is a pack of cards, but to be good at poker you need a cool, mathematical mind and a certain psychological ability to read your opponents play. The ability to put your mind to the test has been one of the biggest factors in the addictiveness of the game of poker, as people test them against poker virgins and the world's best players alike.

One of the many reasons why the poker industry has become so marketable and profitable is the many guises that poker games have been available in. Poker game box sets, for example, have been available for many years now. They include life-like poker chips and a table cloth to help recreate the saloon or casino experience. Together with the recent explosion of online poker and poker TV channels, this has provided a platform for poker to expand globally and enable us all to see poker as more than just a form of gambling.

As the age of technology moves forward, with advances in computer simulation and graphics, this has provided a more modern platform for playing poker.

As well as the many online poker sites available, there has also been an increase in the release of poker games on gaming consoles such as the Xbox and Playstation2. With the Xbox offering providing the ability to play online and offline. In the offline multi-virtual player option, it enables poker to be reached by those of us who do not own a PC or broadband connection, but are attracted by the graphical interface and the poker gaming experience. It also allows people to test their skills at poker without the risk of losing money.

So where should you learn your craft if you want to get into the world of poker? And how do poker games on the console differ from the online experience?

Crave Entertainment, in conjunction with Coresoft developed the poker game for the Xbox. Many would question the need to purchase a poker application when there are many freely available poker games online that do not require pre-purchase. Well, this game does come into its own when you play with others online. But together with the ability to create your own virtual player characteristics, customizing everything from clothes to facial expressions, as well as the ability to create your own tables, this game does provide some of the experience offered by many of the traditional online poker sites such as VIP Poker Club and the IPN poker network.

World Championship Poker 2 for the PlayStation is said by far to be the best offline play in any poker game, with variations in game type and locations, as well as improvements in player intelligence, where you can meet aggressive, tight and midrange players.

However, offline game play is pretty poor on most console platform poker games. Artificial intelligence does not provide the same unpredictability as the true game of poker online, where you compete against real people with real thoughts and real money.

One element that poker on a games console allows you to do is learn your craft without spending any money. Although most online poker game sites allow you to preview a game or play for free, no online site provides the same level of graphics or customization as you can get on a game console.

Even though once you have tried your hand at poker on a game console, it will not be long before you get the urge to pit your wits and test your mind against the current plethora of players visiting the thousands of online poker sites now available.

So games consoles achieve the ability to provide customization and improved graphics, but they do not provide the one of the most important factors that online poker sites provide. That is the experience and addictive ability to win money by beating a real player, with a real wallet. The 20 or so dollars you invest in a console game may be better spending investing in a game online, you're likely to gain better experience and potentially get a better return on your investment.

Source by Morgan Collins

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Dealing With Racquetball Injuries

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Playing any type of sports always entails risks of injuries. Racquetball is one sports activity that can be risky looking at the speed of play and the equipments used (racquets and balls).

Nevertheless, it is a presented with that sports injuries C severe, superficial or critical C can always be avoided, if you take safeguards. Apart from the protection gears you need to wear, the next are some reminders for you to deal with your racquetball-related injuries.

Eye protection

Racquetball is reckoned a lightweight sport when equated with others which can produce some terrible critical injuries. Alternatively, it is one of the most injury-prone sports because of the speed of the ball traveling within the small confines of the playing court.

Ninety- 5% of these injuries contains being hit in the eyes by the ball. Interior bleeding in the eye socket, lacerations, bleeding eyelids, abrasions, swollen eyes C these are the a lot off the most commonplace eye injuries.

Wearing correct eye gear prevents fundamental injuries to the eye. Be certain to check if your goggles are the right way recommended by the American Standard of Testing and Materials, and the Canadian Standards Association.

Feet protective cover

Racquetball is one game where you do a lot of running. It follows that you need to maintain your feet all during the game.

Ankle sprains can sideline you for in any case 7 days and disrupt your activities. Achilles tendon injuries are rare but they need correct medical care.

Blisters and calluses occur most often if you possess the wrong footwear or if they are a new pair and had not been broken in yet. Dont throw the old pair until you have the new ones fit your feet just right. Afterwards, you can play a hard game with them.

Elbow protective cover

They might call it tennis elbow, but this injury also happens to racquetball players. (Only 5% of all cases happen to tennis players.)

Manifestations incorporates pain around the elbow joint, with tenderness occurring on or underneath the bony bump. Natural expansive arm movements (even simple grip movements) can lead to pain and exacerbate the injury. Follow your physicians advice.

Next, talk over with your racquetball expert for incorrect technique in racquet handling. Is your grip wrong? What about the mass and type of your racquet?

Shoulder protection

Shoulder injury is caused by utilizing the shoulders C and not the right way using the side of the body C in swinging your racquet. These injuries generally develop from a past fall or a slam on the wall.

Remember: Use the entire side of the body in swinging the racquet, NOT the shoulders.

Knee protective cover

All the running and pivoting around on your feet is tough on your knees. In racquetball, all kinds of knee injuries are possible.

These injuries are sneaky, too. They commence with a dull ache somewhere around the sides or back of the knee right after playing. Later, the anguish arrives before, during, and after your play.

Get yourself a professional to teach you the proper stretching and conditioning program for your knees. (While you are at it, you may incorporate all the necessary conditioning moves for all the parts of the body that complement your racquetball playing.)

Racquetball is supposed to be fun. Avoid injuries before they can happen.

Source by Dean Carver

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Online Poker Tournaments

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In recent month's not just online poker but online poker tournaments have been gaining in popularity and the interest in them is still growing. Certainly once you start a search for online poker tournaments you will be amazed at the number of results that such sites as Google provide you with.

Today more and more poker sites are now offering players to join in on tournaments at any time they want to. Plus if you are a player who is looking to hone the skills that he or she already has when it comes to playing poker then taking part in an online tournament will be a great way to do this.

There are some poker tournaments available online which allow you to either compete against a computer or against other people. However playing against a computer is great for practicing and helping a person to improve the way that they play the game. But if you are someone who wants to actually be able to place bets and hopefully win the pot then there are sites that are available and which will allow you to play with others at a virtual poker table.

The great thing about taking part in an online poker tournament is you may find yourself playing not just against those who have the same level of experience as you but also some who may be completely new to the game or those that are considered to be professionals. Most games will often require a player to pay an entry fee in order to compete, but there are some tournaments which require no payment from their players whatever. The problem with the free tournaments is that generally the prize money (pot) that is available to be won is significantly lower than that you would get in a game where you have been asked to pay an entry fee. In most cases the online poker tournaments where a player has paid an entry fee this money will be included within the prize money that is being offered.

You will soon discover that most online poker tournaments are made up of multi tables. It is during these tournaments each player is provided with a set amount of chips to use for their betting. Then once the tournament starts each player at each table is trying to eliminate the others by winning as many hands as possible and there before advance on to the next stage of the tournament. This will carry on until those that have lived the various rounds end up on the final table and they play until there is a winner.

However be warned when it comes to playing online poker tournaments you may well find yourself becoming addicted to them. In fact you may well find yourself playing in them for hours upon hours. But the chances of getting to know new people from around the world who are interested in this game is extremely likely. Certainly the popularity of these types of tournaments are going to increase all the time and as more and more people get involved in it then more and more tournaments will be taking place.

Source by Carl Walker

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How To Give A Great Video Interview

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Video marketing is a force you can not avoid. One of the best ways to use video like a champ is to interview other experts and collections in your field. In fact, I'll bet you already have a whole cache of interviews under your belt.

If you can hold a teleseminar interview over the phone, with a few adjustments, you can host a video interview.

  1. Make eye contact with your camera or the interviewee. Eye contact is remarkably important in real life as well as on camera. It creates a sense of trust. If you think of the camera as a real person in the room with you, you'll have a much better relationship with your audience.
  2. Keep your energy high. The camera diffuses your energy so you'll need to exaggerate your facial and vocal expressions, as well as your gestures. If you think you're too over-the-top, you're probably showing up on camera just right.
  3. Focus on good posture. Remember the camera lens has tunnel vision so if you slouch or rock or bob your head, your excess motion shows up as if you're a sloppy interviewer. Keep your torso lifted, chest up, and your neck long.
  4. Use natural movements. Even though you have to be aware of the camera, you do not want to appear like a frozen mannequin. Keep your hands visible at all times and use hand gestures to engage your interviewee and audience.
  5. Master the art of speaking in sound bytes. A sound byte is a short, mini story that describes what you're doing or trying to sell in 8-10 seconds. It's always delivered in a complete thought that gets right to the point. Think of them as quotable statements. When you learn to talk in sound bytes, you will be loved in interviews you host as well as by the media.

Video interviews are just another delivery format for your amazing content. Remember how to get Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. The more you present, the better you'll look on camera.

Inviting feedback to your message helps you score big. It's all about welcoming people into your world as though they are having a private moment with an expert … you.

Be a celebrity in your niche with sizzling content. Using video on your website is another way of engaging people by responding personally to anyone viewing your topic. I love unraveling something complicated and putting it into a step-by-step process which is why using video appeals to me. Standing out from the competition also gives you that step up.

Source by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

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Avail Maximum Entertainment With Bingo Sites

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There are many card games like black jack, poker, etc played in various clubs, casinos and even online. Out of which bingo is most commonly played. Bingo play live is an easily accessible game and a user can avail it’s features by signing up free on various bingo sites.

Unlike other gambling games bingo play live doesn’t always require investments thus, a user of any age can play this game. It even gives an opportunity to its players to win various gifts without spending a single penny from their pocket. The game for the very first time was originated in the United Kingdom and now it is played globally.

Bingo online sites features many more options for its users than just playing bingo live. A user can play other online games on the same site whether it’s a flash game, strategy game or other games. These sites also provide equal opportunities to the novice as it provides to the experts. Bingo play live is a place for all as they have a lot to be offered here.

With the help of bingo chat rooms, a user can interact with other people globally. These chat rooms appear on the same site and the visitors of these sites can sign in to these rooms. The best part about these rooms is that the members who are signed on these rooms have at least once played the game or may have knowledge about the game. This way user can share their bingo thoughts and experiences with each other. Not only this, it becomes very helpful if an amateur needs various tips to enhance his/ her skills in the game.

A player’s score increases every time he buys tickets or wins a pot. The player, who scores the highest in a day, gets his name advertised as well on the web site. No matter if you are continuously losing the game in a day, your game doesn’t end there. You get various other chances of recovering on the next day.

There was a television version broadcasted as well, in the U.K where many online participants were rewarded with various prizes. The prizes consisted of various materialistic items other than cash rewards. Many kids have even started participating in this game through various free bingo sites where they get option of enhancing their creativity and recreation.

Most of the bingo sites have guidelines and the help options which are very supportive for its users. The terms and conditions that these sites apply are completely legal in nature that ensures no waste of bonus points. Not only this, if you are lucky enough to attain prizes from these sites, they get delivered at your doorstep for free.

Thus, Bingo sites provides an environment for its users that lets them develop their personality and side by side win prizes and maintain a social network.

Source by Jacob Anthony

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Scrap Tires – The World's Dangerous Ecological Ticking Time Bomb

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With 26 million plus cars in the UK, increasing at around 350,000 annually, and in the USA who knows how many cars, but increasing at over 16 million annually, the world is on course for a disaster that could choke the life from our planet.

Vehicle tires form a vital part in the safety, design, and comfort of these millions of machines, but by their very design, they are made out of long-lasting, robust materials, some of which are highly toxic. This of course means that when we need to replace them, the old carcasses will not just melt away, or be very easily recycled. Indeed their very very results in an end product that unfortunately contains a mixture of rubber and steel, but also a number of highly toxic and environmentally toxic materials. Burn them, or incinerate them, and masses of dangerous toxic and greenhouse gasses are produced, along with a highly toxic waste ash.

Because of the current massive cost of disposing of tires in this manner, virtual millions of tires have been dumped, both legally and illegally, in landfills, old mine shafts, in lakes, as well as seas and oceans around the world. Container-loads end up sailing half-way round the world to all sorts of weird and awful resting places.

Now, let's just take a look at the UK tyre situation (tires of course to many overseas cousins).

With 26 million cars in the UK, let's assume that one in three of these cars will have their tires changed every three years. Let's say that around 8 million sets of tires are changed – that's around 32 million tires! With around 100 car tires to the ton, that is a massive 320,000 tons of tires from the UK to be disposed of – one way or the other – every year.

Now, to dispose of a ty as it comes off a car is bulky and difficult. Technologies for shredding tires, and removing the steel bands for recycling are well advanced, However, from July 2003, land filling of complete tires has been illegal, and land filling of shredded tires was banned from July 2006. Many action groups have been set up to assist in the disposal of used tires, but none have yet to find the best method of safe disposal.

Until recently, the only way of disposing of used tires in any volume, was to use incineration plants. But these plants literally just destroyed the energy and raw material contained in the tires, did not generate much in terms of recycled energy, and still produced toxic landfill ash waste, as well as needing a huge smoke stack which puthered out masses of greenhouse gasses, and noxious toxic fumes, which drifted back down on our rivers and fields – polluting the food chain.

I must say, I am in full agreement with Shlomo Dowen, National Coordinator of UK Without Incineration with this year's slogan " UKWIN 's 2011 Annual General Meeting will revolve around the theme of: Zero waste to burn, zero time to waste ."

A lot of shredded tires still get used as safety surfaces for children's playgrounds and equestrian centers, which is a great idea. I am not so sure about these flakes being incorporated in agricultural compost however, due to the potential toxic content with in them. The playground idea will shortly be halted by new legislation, as the UK is the only country in Europe that has not yet built this use of shredded tires.

So – are we looking the wrong way to arrive at a solution that will be environmentally friendly, AND release the potential energy contained in these organic products? Dumping is illegal, even shredded tires can not go to land fill. Incineration is neither an ecological nor an economic solution.

For every ton of used tires (that's about 100 car tires, or as few as 4 massive industrial tires), they have an energy content of approximately 9,000 k-calories. This could produce continuous electrical energy in the region of over 3 Mega Watt / hours, and also heat energy on top of that equal to the electrical energy. Then again, in the UK anyway, with our system of Renewable Obligations Credits (ROC's), by creating green electricity, there would be another financial reward. On top of that, with the government incentive of 100 per ton subsidy, a Gate Fee of between 3 and 5 per car tire could also be charged for delivering the tires to a qualified licensed tyre recycling plant.

All of a sudden, with the correct and proven technology, instead of being a major national disaster, tires could begin to provide far more reliable and constant green electrical energy that a whole host of massive, temperamental eyesores of wind farms could even attempt to produce – or without massively puttering and polluting smoke stacks from environmentally and resource-destroying incinerators

One thing that should not be considered here, and that is the idea of ​​trying to use one form of technology to handle all forms of waste – for maximum returns, the technology employed must be dedicated to handling just one waste type – in this case tires , as the financials will shortly show.

Let's discuss the financials that could apply if the correct technology is introduced. This is assuming that the technology to be used is proven, and has a successful operational record. It is also based on the assumption that the gate fee for 1 ton of tires (around 100 tires on average) is £ 100, although the accepted cost of 'collecting' an average car ty is around £ 4.

  • A system to transfer 25 tons of tires a day into green energy will cost in the region of £ 25 million, without any toxic waste, need no smoke stack, and generate an income from renewable energy, Renewable Obligation Credits (ROCs) and Gate Fees , in the region of £ 5.3 million annually.
  • A system to transfer 100 tons of tires a day into green energy will cost in the region of £ 65 million, without any toxic waste, need no smoke stack, and generate an income from renewable energy, Renewable Obligation Credits (ROCs) and Gate Fees , in the region of £ 21 million annually

Either size system is quite a profitable operation, even with the technology costs (without any shred shredding) and also produces a most needed green ecological solution.

Not only that, with slow processing, to ensure the technology is working correctly, you will need quite a stockpile of shredded tires, if the system is going to be capable of running at a rate of a minimum of 25 tons of tires a day. The beauty of this is that it will normally take 6 months to a year to build such a processing plant. With the high gate fees involved here, it is quite possible to start generating income right from Day 1, greatly reducing the usual up-front investment risks.

However, before any commitment is made, you must make sure you are satisfied that the technology works, and that you have seen a working plant.

Now, in the UK, the government does not set out any regulations for the reclamation of tires, it only authorizes permits to be issued for the collection of the tires. This has claimed in tires collection depots being set up all round the UK, with a fee on average of 5 per ty 'grouped'. At present, there is no law established that instructs the collector that these tires must be destroyed in some format legally acceptable to the government.

This has claimed in a whole number of tire dumps, with great risk of fire. What also exists are numerous illegal dumps of tires in landfills, old mine shafts, and lakes. I am aware of one such dump made many years ago, in a lake not that far from me that contains upwards of 20,000 old tires – all slowly leaching toxic waste chemicals into our very drinking water.

Looking at the points above, there has to be a reasonable scope for a joint venture to be set up between say the local authority, or another interested company, and existing tyre collectors and shredders that can at a stroke: –

1. Remove the issue of tyre mountains

2. Maximize the recyclable effort on both rubber and steel income

3. Generate considerable amounts of green electricity

4. Maximize the income from carbon credit opportunities

5. Reduce the levels of toxic waste to negligible amounts

6. Reduce the need for incineration, thus removing the need for obtrusive great chimney stacks

7. Produce no toxic ash that needs landfilling.

8. Create a profitable 'cottage industry' for ty collection and shredding companies across the UK.

9. As a bonus, by placing the technology in the right locations, the excess heat energy can be piped to local industries or homes, for a further income stream.

Come on, all you environmentalists, supposedly pushing for a greener environment, here is one route that will massively improve your environment and if done properly will actually produce a massive boost to everyone's living standards.

Now is your chance to help defuse this massive ticking ecological time bomb …

Source by Geoff Morris

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Solutions to Fix My Credit Rating

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A lot of people are unaware of the fact that they can fix their credit rating themselves and the truth of matter is that that no one shares the information openly. The reason is that there are to many people making money from the situation but I will show you how you can get your credit on track by doing it yourself.

The key to getting your credit rating on track is understanding the different negatives on your credit report and how to approach each one. You may have collection accounts on your report, which simply means that the original credit sold the account to a third party, this company now has the right to try and collect payment from you.

These third party collectors purchase the debt for a fraction of what you owe and try and collect as much as of the original amount as possible. By law, collection accounts can stay on your report for only seven years after which time they need to come off.

If you have collection accounts on your report and they have not reached the seven year mark, then you can try negotiating with the collection company a lesser amount in exchange for them deleting it from your report.

This is a great way to clean up collection accounts on your report. Another way to start improving your credit rating is to begin to rebuild new credit. The formula used to calculate good credit includes new accounts that are in good standing. You need a couple of these accounts on your report to show that you are a good credit risk.

The best way to do this even if you have bad credit is to start with a secure credit card as well as cards that are designed to help you rebuild your credit. There are a number of these cards out there and I can show you how to get approved for them.

Source by Tony Banks

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An Overview Of The Nokia E7

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The new Nokia E7 follows on from the successful N8, giving consumers a similar specification phone but also benefitting from a larger screen as well as a physical Qwerty keypad.

The E7 is a superb messaging device, whether it is for accessing e mails or composing SMS text messages. The unit can handle up to ten individual e mail caccounts with many of the major service providers covered, as well as also offering a secure connection to a Microsoft exchange server. The physical keypad on this model makes writing messages a simple affair, and will appeal to anybody who spends considerable time messaging. The keys have a rubber finish and feel well laid out. The keyboard is located on a slider mechanism behind the screen, and this design feels robust and well built. An alternative virtual keypad is built into the screen, and this works equally as well, especially for quicker messages where there is no need to deploy the main keyboard. Connectivity wise, the E7 is armed with a wide array of options to ensure you can always stay in touch. Whilst at home, or indeed anywhere that you can access a WiFi network, the unit benefits from Wireless LAN, with all three recognised speeds supported. On the move, the 3G network offers the fastest data exchange rate, and even if you are not in a suitable area, EDGE and GPRS ensure that you are never without a link to the world around you.

The Nokia E7 is undoubtedly a great looking handset. The large display dominates the front of the phone, with just a single Home button located centrally beneath it. The majority of the phones housing is constructed from anodised aluminium, making the phone feel high end, as well as adding extra points in the durability department. At 123.7 x 62.5 x 13.6mm, the overall dimensions are very similar to those found on the N8, despite the additional features found on this new model. These features include the excellent quality AMOLED screen, which now measures a great 4 inches. The touchscreen is capacitive, meaning it is very responsive to touch. With a proximity sensor and accelerometer built in, the handset automatically rotates the screen when necessary and locks the keypad during calls, preventing accidental button presses during your conversation.

The Nokia E7 offers the superb functionality we have come to expect from modern smartphones, with the added bonus of the physical keypad, which will attract a different breed of consumer to this impressive new model.

Source by Emma Rosher

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5 Steps To Amaze Your Guests With A Flower Kitty Party Theme

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I never imagined that flower kitty party themes can be so simple yet amazing! To my surprise, I was showered with loads of acknowledgements from my kitty friends for my efforts which was quite overwhelming! A month ago, when I was in quest of an interesting theme that could make my kitty party memorable, I suddenly came across the “flower-theme” on the web.

Why I Chose The Flower Kitty Party Theme?

I liked the idea of throwing a fabulous party with minimum preparation. Flowers are always beautiful, anytime anywhere, so I thought it would be a great idea to turn my living room into a paradise just by decorating it with beautiful flowers. At last, the venue looked even more beautiful that what I imagined.

Why I Call It A Success?

Whenever I host a party, like any normal human being, my ultimate intention is to impress my guests and make them spend a wonderful time that they can cherish forever. And it will be a lie if I say I could not make it possible. Right from the invitation to food, my guests were extremely pleased with my efforts. I could clearly see the immense joy and delight on their faces. Some even sent me messages of appreciation after leaving, which means a lot to me!

5 Steps To Execute Your Flower Kitty Party Theme

Now that I am quite excited with the success of my party, I am dying to share with you the easy steps that you can take to organize a memorable flower-based party. Typically there are five main steps: invitation, room decor, dress code, games and food.

1. Invitation

For invitations, you can either buy the cards or make them yourself, which is even more exciting! You need a bunch of multi-colored papers, a flower-shaped cookie-cutter, glitters, stickers, crayon colors or whatever else you can think of. Make beautiful flower-shaped paper base with the cookie-cutter and then adorn it with whatever crafts you have collected. You can also leverage the creative genius in your kids to do the job.

What I did – I personally like making such things myself as I am a BIG DIY FAN. I took coloured foam sheets, cut them into flower-shaped planes and then decorated it with my collection of glitters, floral stickers and stones. I used plastic flower petals to form the text for which I received a lot of appreciation. I send the invites a week before the party to give enough time to my guests to get ready for the occasion.

2. Room Decor

Here comes my favorite segment – the room decor! I just love it as it makes me feel like I am preparing to move to some new location with a new ambiance! You can use curtains, cushion covers and tablecloths with floral prints. Beautiful flower vases, floral arts and paintings on walls are enough to decorate the venue and remember to include a tint of greenery everywhere to make things look more natural.

What I did – I had my floral curtains with beautiful laces at the bottom which I took out for the party. I decorated the table with ceramic vases filled with white lilies. In the corners of the room were my ornamental plants to add the much-needed greenery to the venue. I bought a flower shaped serving bowl this time which is now one of my most precious collections!

3. Dress Code

Dress code for such kitty party themes are usually very simple and hassle free. You can wear any dress with flowers on it (no matter if it is a print or thread work or a real). Make sure your jewelleries and accessories are also adored with beautiful flowers. You can use headband or clip with a single flower on it or simply place a real one on one side above your ear.

What I did – I once bought a white Italian chiffon saree with beautiful floral print which I thought was perfect for the occasion. I prefer keeping my hairdo simple most of the time – for the occasion I just swept up my hair into a high bun and stuck a big pink rose there. Not Miss Universe but definitely felt beautiful from within!

4. Games

Now comes the entertainment part for which you can select games related to flowers. Think of the memory game where every participant has to remember the complete sequence of all the ladies in the game and their favorite flowers. Of course, the prize also should be something that blends perfectly with the theme. You can try out other things like making a flower garland in one minute, remembering maximum number of flower names in one minute or painting a clay vase.

What I did – I selected a few games surrounding the theme like “Rangoli Designing in 3 Minutes”, “Writing Flower-based Bollywood Songs” and for the final round we played “The Flower Garland”. The fun and excitement we had is simply inexplicable! Some moments were not just funny but even hilarious as the ladies were going crazy to win the game. I kept beautiful flower bouquets ready as prizes for the winners which they received like an over-excited kid – worth seeing!

5. Food

No matter what you make, just try to give it the shape of a flower. Your sandwiches, cookies, tikkis, parathas or cake will look awesome with the idea! You can even use flowers for garnishing your recipes and as I already mentioned earlier, try to look for flower-shaped crockeries to make your task easier. Ans yes, do not forget to delight your guests by including some floral cocktails if it is summer.

What I did – I thought of a multi-cuisine menu and deliberately included Afghani Paneer, Aloo Cheese Croquettes, Grilled Chicken Salami Sandwiches and Frozen Margs cocktail. I cut the paneer pieces and sandwiches in the shape of flowers and garnished the cocktail with hibiscus.


I welcomed all my guests with roses right at the door just as an initial sign of what they could expect next. So, those are some of my ideas of a flower-themed kitty party. I am sure there are many more innovative things you can come up with and it will be a pleasure if you can share your ideas with me in the comment box given below. However, if you are looking for a theme other than Flowers, you can go for Mughal-theme, Safari-theme, Fashion-theme, Children-theme, Retro-theme, etc.

Source by Ashish Kumar Pandit

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How Badminton Rackets Evolved To Suit The Sport of Badminton

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In the earlier times, the game of Badminton was called Battledore and the Greeks and Asians were the first ones to play it. During the 1850s, the Duke of Beaufort revolutionized the game in his house in Gloucestershire and called it badminton. His home was later identified by the locals as the Badminton House.

In 1992, the popularity of badminton grew all over the world after its official debut in the Barcelona Olympics. Currently, the number of players and professionals of badminton is growing and more world badminton tournaments are being organized because of this. Badminton is truly an interesting and fast-paced sport that can be enjoyed by both beginners and pros. It is also a great and fun way to stay fit and healthy.

Even though the game of badminton started in an English House, the sport is now globally known and is a very popular sport in the Asian countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia and China. These Asian countries are now producing world class players and China is producing the top badminton players. The Chinese have won a lot of major and world tournaments in the last few years and they are able to keep the top spot.

Battledore and Shuttlecock

The early game of battledore was very basic. Two individuals would hit a shuttlecock back and forth with a plain bat until one person misses and the shuttlecock falls to the ground. Those bats had handles and heads which are similar to the modern day rackets. The difference is that the head was entirely solid and made out of wood. Woven strings were not yet used during that time.

Wooden Racket

Initially, the badminton rackets consisted of a woven head and a concrete frame or body in the same way tennis rackets were made from during those times. The string utilized for the head of the battledore racket was created from animal by product and the frame was made from wood. The grip was long and bare, easily causing some cuts on the hand.

Metal Racket

In time, the rackets made from wood were changed by metal rackets. The next rackets were made from steel as it was a great metal. Soon, aluminum rackets became a more preferred choice because it was a lighter racket. This revolutionized the game and permitted the players to hit and roam within the court easier. It also lessened the degree of fatigue and stress being placed by the heavier badminton rackets. The handles were equipped with a grip material to enhance the control and comfort of the user.

Composite Racket

The badminton rackets being used today are now made from composite or synthetic materials, with carbon and graphite fiber being the most widely used materials. The modern badminton rackets are way lighter and have better grip and power than the early rackets. These are equipped with light yet sturdy nylon strings and other materials with handles specially covered in grips for better control.

Other than the frames, the best badminton rackets out in the market today are created using premium materials like those used to make the strings and grips. There are different badminton rackets that can suit a player’s style and level of play.

Source by Cai Caerleon

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Swimming vs. Golf

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Recently, I have taken up golf, and I can not help but notice the similarities between learning golf and learning swimming. Both are finesse sports that require large amounts of concentration and practice to get right, and it is unnecessary (and ill-advised) to gain great amounts of strength to make major improvements in either sport. Let's look at some specific ways golf is like swimming:

1. It Starts with Head Position. In golf, you must keep your head still and look straight at the ball while you swing in order to make contact. In swimming, you must keep your head still and look straight down at the bottom of the pool while you rotate in order to get the most out of your stroke.

2. Concentration is Key. The moment you start thinking about more than one thing when you are about to hit the ball is the moment that something goes wrong. If I get 2 tips on my golf swing and I think about both of them the next time I tee up, I tend to have an underwhelming result! The same goes for doing the swimming drills. As a coach, if I give a swimmer several things to think about, inevitably, nothing will go right. The idea is to concentrate on one aspect, practice it, master it, and move on.

3. The Fewer Strokes, The Better. When improving your score in golf, you want to take fewer strokes to get the ball in the hole. To improve your swim (especially open water), you want to take fewer strokes per length, in order to utilize your energy for the entire swim or triathlon.

4. Follow Through is Important. When you hit the ball, it is important that you follow through all the way with your club. In freestyle swimming, to get the most out of your stroke, you must extend your arm and glide.

5. Power Comes from the Core. Your arms and legs themselves do not need to be incredibly powerful to have success in either sport. With both sports, the power comes from the core- abdominal muscles, lower back, and hips. Legs are used more for stabilization than to propel you forward in swimming. Legs in golf are also used more for stabilization, rather than for more powerful strokes.

Both sports can also be frustrating, but with practice, patience, and persistence, swimming and golf can both present you with a meditative-like form of exercise that I have found to be both fulfilling and fun!

Source by Kevin Koskella

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Save Money With Online Gaming!

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Save money with online gaming! Everyone, particularly kids and teens, seems to love video games nowadays, don’t they? Whether they’re the learning and educational games geared toward the very young market (and their parents), or the more technically advanced role playing games and “first person shooters” aimed at a somewhat older market, with the ever-popular “dressup games for girls” that are currently hitting it so big with “tweens”, video games are popular and yes, they’re a lot of fun! Do you like or even, perhaps, love video games?

There are tons of different platforms, everything from Sony PlayStation and PSP to the “work up a sweat” Nintendo Wii, not to mention the ultra-popular Xbox 360 (we have everyone of these at my house)! How about you?

How many kinds of games do you or your kids own? How many do you rent each month? Do you sometimes get sick thinking about how much money you’ve spent on video games? I know I do, and that’s why I encourage my friends and family members to further encourage their own family members to visit the “free games” sites on the Net-some of those games that they feature are so much fun, and best of all, they’re FREE!

There are lots and lots of these “free gaming” sites springing up, it seems like every day I find another and another and another that I haven’t seen before, and while the quality of lots of these sites definitely leaves something to be desired, there are also some that are obviously very professionally designed, a pleasure to view and even more importantly, a pleasure to hang around and play some of the sometimes thousands of free games that they offer.

All you have to do is search one of the big (or small) search engines for “free online gaming” or something similar, and Bingo, you’ll find more games than you’ll ever be able to play in your lifetime–and a ton of money saved, if you can convince the gamers in your life to visit these sites more often, and shy away from the rental companies and gaming stores once in a while.

Source by Jesse Sisson

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The Signage Evolution

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Do you may remember the classic porcelain service station signs illuminated with high-watt light bulbs, like “Texaco” and “Skelly” (which are now highly valued collector items)?

Then came the vacuum-formed, plastic-faced signs that were backlit with fluorescent lamps and used a marquis with changeable plastic “Wagner” or “ZIP” letters for specials and fuel pricing.

Yes, the sign industry has evolved over the past few decades. Today, large LED displays offer high impact, animated message systems that employ a marketing strategy.

One of the latest contributions to the signage evolution is interior digital video signage. More and more restaurants, retailers, service locations and medical offices are using these displays for various content to engage their customers.

“Video enhances the customer experience: People like videos and have come to expect them. And often videos are the best way to impart the information. Video boosts customer service by increasing customer engagement, leading to higher customer satisfaction.” – Right Answers Inc.

The days of the static white board food menu are being replaced with high definition product photographs and videos with brief descriptions and pricing. Digital menu boards help customers make decisions faster and more accurately, while reducing order and wait times. CarterEnergy customer, Sugarfoot C-Store & BBQ, experienced this first-hand when they made the decision to go with digital menu boards for their BBQ and their new Fresh Burrito Bar in their C-Store.

Digital signage is being utilized to highlight a menu of specific auto services that KCI Auto Care offers while customers are traveling through Kansas City International Airport (KCI). Big-O-Tires uses their digital signage for service pricing and to educate customers with Auto Seasonal Preparation videos.

Other digital sign applications include interactive (touchscreen) building directories and wayfinding kiosks, company information in lobbies, trade show booths, in-store video billboards, video walls, cylinders and boxes, to name a few.

But in all things digital signage, bigger is often better. Considered the avant-garde of digital signage solutions, video walls, aka architectural media or techorating, depending on the application, can influence the ambiance of the building by the way it is integrated into the environment. Similarly, creative content can stimulate the senses, arouse and influence behavior that complements the purpose of building designs, which reinforces and extends the core brand image. Dynamic content can immerse control rooms, wrap around buildings, decorate expansive interiors with artistic displays, and provide interactive content into an exciting and over-the-top visual experience.

Take a moment to notice the digital signage around you, and you will be amazed how prevalent and creative this marketing tool has become.

Source by David Little

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Did You Know the Following Facts About the Stock Market?

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On Indian Stock Markets 100's of shares are actively traded each day. These shares move either in profit direction or in the direction of the loss. Remember, both trends of the Nifty 40 or Share Market Index are profitable. You can always earn irrespective of whether the market goes up or down. The cutting edge is into buying or selling the share at the right time so that you can profit in the shortest possible duration. Profit is yours to take when you are able to pay the brokerage and taxes. It's like two edged sword of "Fear" and "Greed". When your profits are increasing the cutting edge is made of "Greed" and when your profits are falling or you are going into loss then the cutting edge is made of "Fear."

Just Calculate Your Profits

Computer Software will make the task easier for you. Computer will not involve humans into the process of advising you into buying or selling of shares. There are 100% no human involvement into day to day tipping of the shares. It is done by Computer through cutting edge real time data acquisition and processing technology involving proprietary artificial intelligence logic developed over the years of processing and analysis of Indian Stock market data and data from financial markets all over the world. So in the new Cyber-World let's beat the feelings of Fear and Greed. Computer tells you what to buy! Just sell it when you profit !! Just remember what "Profit" is. Do not let that feeling of Greed or Fear Take you over. Act Now.

Intraday Equity Share Trade Opportunity of a few minutes occurs all the time during a trading session.

during these few minutes the price (Bhav) of the share moves from one level to another. Normally it is difficult to track price movement of more than one share manually

100's of equity shares are traded everyday and each share varies its price from 1% – 20%. Such average price movement for a market session may be 2-3%. So you can earn 2 – 3% on margin money everyday.

All you need to know is:

  • Which Scrip to Choose?
  • When to Play the Scrip?
  • Buy or Sell, Short or Go Long?
  • Incorrect / Outdated Research or Information is the virus eating into the profits.

Computer do real time processing of related financial information from various sources and as per our proprietary artificial intelligence logic, arrive at these trading tips. It save you a lot of time and keep you informed about the current stock market session by SMS on your mobile phone.

After the first tip subsequently throughout the trading session the price of the scrip is tracked and further calls to do more buying or selling in the scrip are sent to you on your mobile phone by SMS promptly.

You should keep track of your profit and when you reach you satisfactory profit level just square off your position.

You can create very large turnover every day with margin trading in this way and create large cash surplus or profit at the end of the trading session

Keep your risk minimum by intraday trading and maximize your profits. Take money home everyday.

Bring your financial life into your control. Learn how to make money from money every minute and every day.

This article is originally published at www.share-khazana.com . The author run a software firm named HiTech Computer Services and a network of websites.

Source by Anil Kumar Gupta

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Revealed: Why Leather Cleaners Are a Smart Investment

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Leather is one of the most sophisticated fabrics available. When used in furniture, it creates a distinctive ambiance, instantly dressing up a space with untold class. However, while it is a very appealing fabric to use in decorating, it is also one that requires careful maintenance in order to retain its integrity. In order to keep leather looking pristine and feeling smooth, it is wise to consistently use conditioner and other cleaners.

Leather cleaners include both conditioner as well as protector, both of which can be used to help leather stay new and fresh. These specialized care products are specifically designed to treat leather’s unique elements. With conditioner, it is possible to restore leather to its most vibrant state, revitalizing its appearance. By using leather conditioner, it is not only possible to keep new leather looking its best but it is also possible to revamp the appearance of old or damaged leather.

Leather protector works in a similar manner, but is specially geared toward long term care. These care products are carefully produced to not only restore appearance, but also provide prolonged protection from normal wear and tear. By using leather care products such as as protector and conditioner, it is possible to not only bring out the best in the leather but to help retain that appearance for a longer period of time.

When considering leather cleaners, it is important to select the best care products for the job. In order to determine the best cleaners, it is a good idea to look at the way the product cleans. Some products rely heavily on chemical solvents to clean the leather. While these care products may have good results, they can also cause discoloration from time to time. A gentler route includes brands such as Lexol leather cleaning products. With Lexol leather cleaning products, it is possible to get high quality results without risking damage to the leather being cleaned.

Another facet of leather cleaning products to keep in mind is the method of application. Some cleaners are available in convenient spray bottles, which provide quick coverage. It is also possible to buy protector in a normal bottle, which can be poured onto a cloth for more focused cleaning. Some brands may also offer conditioner in a wipe, which provides a fast, all-in-one cleaning experience. Leather cleaners can become costly over the lifetime of the leather product, so it is good to look for deals. Lexol products online are a good place to start, since these Lexol leather cleaning products can often be bought in bulk, saving both time and money.

Overall, investing in leather cleaning products is a great way to retain value in a leather product. Whether choosing Lexol products online or other leather cleaners, taking the time and money to properly care for leather is not only a wise economic decision but a clear choice for appearance as well.

Source by Wynne Dillon

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