Understanding Your Climbing Equipment Is Necessary To Safe Climbing

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It will be very difficult, if not impossible to succeed at rock climbing without a climber first having taken training in rock climbing, or otherwise being well experienced in rock climbing because it is basically an inherently risky activity that needs to be executed with the utmost care and caution. What’s more, climbers also must use climbing equipment of the very best quality to ensure that they are able to eliminate the risk of injuries through mishaps that would be more likely to occur if the wrong or poor quality equipment is used.

Basic Items

Though the proper climbing equipment can prove to be very costly, you can, if you make a concerted effort, locate many outlets that sell cheap rock climbing gear, and in any case, you only need to pick a few basic items before you choose any other item of equipment. The first items that you will need to become familiarized with are the karabiners and also rope harnesses as well as climbing ropes. In fact, these are basic items of climbing equipment that are sure to suit most different styles of climbing except for the more dangerous free climbing.

In fact, karabiners come in different sizes and they are made from various kinds of light materials including light aluminum that is in fact, very durable. Also, you may want to choose between karabiners that are locking or those that are non-locking and the one that you opt for will depend on the type of climb that you are attempting as well as the level of safety that you need.

Rope harnesses are also very basic types of climbing equipment that are known to be very handy in all forms of rock climbing and they are actually used to cradle the climber as they climb and in fact, they can be attached to the climbers with the help of karabiners. You can choose from different types of rope harnesses and here again the one that you opt for will depend on the type of climb you wish to make.

A particular kind of harness that is also quite commonly used when doing rock climbing as well as when doing abseiling is the sit harness that is normally worn around the user’s chest as well as shoulders and often a waist strap along with a pair of loops is also used – all of which help give the user complete freedom of movement. Another option would be to use the chest harness that can be used along with a sit harness which prevents you from flipping over and which also keeps you stable to a much greater extent.

Both camping as well as rock climbing are sports in which the climber must have complete prior knowledge about their climbing equipment since that is the only way to ensure that they will be able to enjoy safe climbs which of course, is very necessary.

Source by Jeremy S. Abrahamson

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The Best Free Classifieds in New Jersey

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A lot of different things come up when you bring up the fact that you live in New Jersey. These days it seems like the biggest question you get is whether you know the type of people who are on an MTV show of the same name. The truth is that New Jersey is a great state, and the majority of the residents are completely normal people going about their daily lives.

Part of being a normal person from Jersey usually includes needing to sell your old stuff, junk, curios, etc. Where would a dyed in the wool New Jersey patron post their stuff online? Read below to find out:

New Jersey Classifieds

1. Craigslist: You can’t escape it, Craigslist is the biggest, baddest classified site around, so it’s no surprise that people all the way from New Jersey flock to CL to post their stuff. Just as there are a lot of weirdos perceived to be from Jersey, be prepared to see some strange Personals postings on this site.

2. NJ.com: Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? If you live in New Jersey you’ve invariably heard of this site, which is a part newspaper site, part classified oriented site. There are a ton of local listings here, though the site itself does seem to need a face-lift to help it compete with the likes of CL.

3. New Jersey Super Ads: Just as the name says, there are some super ads to be offered on this site, and the design itself harkens back to an old eBay looking site. Extra points are awarded because this site does allow free postings to be added at anytime, and has a novel approach to showing CPM ads.

4. Backpage.com: Not too shabby for a new up and coming site, right? With thousands of New Jersey listings and a very simple layout similar to Craigslist this site definitely had to make it to the top of the list.

Source by Bifford Malibu

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Preparing for your Gatlinburg White Water Rafting Adventure

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River rafting is a recreational activity rising in popularity. It’s a common extreme sport found in several countries worldwide. In the Southeastern US, your best option would be to go white water rafting in Tennessee. The rapids located in the state present a good challenge for experienced professionals. There’s also lower class rapids for people with no practical experience, but want to try river rafting. This is a short breakdown of what you should expect when going on a Gatlinburg white water rafting adventure.

Levels of Difficulty

There are six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. Tennessee is home to several waterways with all the stages – ranging from basic and easily maneuverable ones, to ones that are challenging and may be potentially hazardous. While there are 6 degrees, it’s only practical to endure 5. The very last class has too many hazards even for a professional to risk. Here is a short outline of exactly what to expect from each of the five possible adventures you could take.

Class 1 rapids require very basic abilities. You can take younger children along on such trips because they’re more easygoing than difficult. Some minor manipulation may be required, although it is manageable for younger rafters. Class 2 rapids present some rough water and necessitate slight manipulation. Some rudimentary paddling abilities are needed to do this degree since it’s a little more difficult compared to the first.

The Gatlinburg white water rafting experience also caters to the more experienced and veteran rafters. Class 3 is considered the middle degree with minor waves, the potential of minor drops, but absolutely no significant hazard. You should have advanced paddling abilities when taking on this challenge. Whitewater experience is necessary for class 4 rapids because of its medium-sized waves, rocks, and likely considerable drops. Expect class 5 to be a total challenge, as it typically features big waves in similar volumes, and various hazards which includes large rocks and considerable drops. Advanced whitewater experience is necessary to take on the obstacles within this class.

Picking a Gatlinburg white water rafting tour company

Expect to see a number of options for Gatlinburg white water rafting trips. Numerous companies have operations around, with each having a different claim to popularity. You should not go with the first deal you find. Look at all your options to see which tour providers present you with a better price. You’ll want to check out what exactly is part of the package deal before paying the cost. This is very important if not everyone in your party will go river rafting. Check if they’ve got a picnic area where non-rafting friends can hang around as others go on the adventure. It is also essential they have a changing and shower area because you will certainly get wet.

Go only with tour companies with expert on-boat guides. White water rafting in Tennessee (and everywhere else) presents different risks and dangers. There’s always the potential for personal injury if you do not take precautions. Make sure that the company provides safety vests and equipment licensed by the US Coast Guard. These things will guarantee a safe and fulfilling Gatlinburg white water rafting adventure.

Source by SophiaJackson

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Electric Golf Carts:-Info

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An electric golf cart is an electrically powered vehicle, which is used to transport golf players and their heavy equipment around the golf course. It provides a faster and easier way of going around the golf course, as compared to walking

Today, golf carts are both electrically operated, as well as gasoline powered. But, originally, all golf carts were electrically powered. J.K.Wadley of Texarkana, Texas was probably the first person to think of using an electric cart for the golf course. In 1932, the first electric golf cart was manufactured, but surprisingly, it was not well received. But, there is evidence to show that golf carts have been in use from 1951 when the Marketeer Company began mass producing their electric golf carts in California. After that there was no looking back. Many other companies began the production of these electrically operated golf carts. Prominent companies like Cushman began manufacturing them in 1955, Harley Davidson in 1963 and Yamaha Golf Car in 1979.

Electric golf carts have many obvious advantages as compared to the gasoline-operated ones. They are environment friendly, and zero emission vehicles. Also, they make very little noise, which is a very useful quality on the golf course.

Due to their usefulness, Electric golf carts are also used outside the golf course, in country clubs, in malls and even on roads, if the street laws permit their use. Because of their low speed, they are safe for other cars and also for the pedestrians. They are used in grocery stores, mainly to transport elderly people. In all these cases, the stability and the slow speed of the golf cart is the unique selling point.

However, whether they are used on the golf course or on the roads, there are some precautions to be taken. The electric golf carts are not meant for high speed and joy riding. Therefore, operate them at reasonable speeds. The riders should also avoid sudden braking and taking sharp turns.  

An electric golf cart is an electrically powered vehicle, which is used to transport golf players and their heavy equipment around the golf course. It provides a faster and easier way of going around the golf course, as compared to walking

Source by Steve Christopher

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Learning The Basics Of Hockey

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To many, playing hockey is as much part of life as attending school. It will pay dividends then to become familiar with the basics of hockey, which of course means skating. Skating is to hockey as running is to football. Starting fast, changing pace and direction, bursting into top speed, and keeping good balance are common to both games. The blades on hockey skates and the cleats on football shoes provide gripping and braking surfaces which allow short, digging, breakaway steps and sure-footed, sudden stops.

But there is a great difference between the two sports, which is noticed particularly by the beginner. Running is natural – something you have done since you could first walk; skating, which requires a push-glide-push-glide succession of moves, is at first unnatural.

Once balance has been mastered, you can skate with much less effort than you can run. And you can skate at about twice your running speed, too. National Hockey League players have been clocked at 29 miles per hour. Compare this with the 15 miles per hour that a four-minute miler runs.

You and Your Skates

When you first learn to skate, the skates will not want to remain firmly under your feet. Your feet wobble, and your ankles cave in so that you stand on your ankles instead of on your feet. This “going over on the ankles” is caused by two things: lack of strength in your ankles and feet, and the condition of your skate boots.

Before each hockey season starts, check your skates before going on the ice. The fit of the skate boot is all-important for good, strong skating. If you wear a size eight street shoe, try on a size eight or eight and one-half skate boot, wearing wool socks for the fitting.

Hockey skates are a player’s most important piece of equipment, and he should use the utmost care in selecting and caring for them.

You will probably need a new pair of skates each year for as long as your feet keep growing. It is a real mistake for both your feet and your skating to buy skates two sizes too large, in order to grow into them two years from now.

You are better off going to a skate exchange, or using a big brother’s hand-me-down, to make sure of an exact fit. In buying used boots, be sure the leather tops provide good, stiff support and have not been stretched too much.

You should have your skate blades rockered. This is the term for rounding off the toes and heels of skate blades, which you can have done when getting your skates sharpened. Actually, if you hold your skates up to the light with edge meeting edge, only about one inch of the blades should contact each other. This shaping of the blades is most important for quick weight shifts and maintenance of speed when making tight turns.

You soon will lose the sharp edges of your blades if you walk carelessly on concrete or asphalt. And it takes just one tiny burr, or nick, to send you into one swan dive after another. To protect your blades’ sharp edges, use skate guards to get you from the dressing room to the ice, if rubber mats are not provided.

Enjoy this wonderful sport safely with the right equipment and the right attitude. Have fun!

Source by Jimmy Cox

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