Tackle My Ride: Cliff Avril and The Seattle Seahawks (EPISODE) | NFL Network

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In this episode of Tackle My Ride, LaMarr Woodley heads to Seattle to join Cliff Avril as they transform one lucky fan’s car into the ultimate Seahawks ride.

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50 thoughts on “Tackle My Ride: Cliff Avril and The Seattle Seahawks (EPISODE) | NFL Network

  1. when u guy get to the cowboys pick Alfred Morris i know he relly hasnt done anything for our boys but the dude still has his car form high school

  2. I was cool with how they customized the Brown's fan's SUV bc he uses that truck to take kids to practice and football games. However, I'm not too fond of this Seahawk's fan's truck. The man said that's his daily driver, meaning he's going to drive this ultimate tailgating machine to birthday parties, Christmas parties, when he takes his kids to school and to his kid's weddings. But Seahawk's fans are one of the loudest there is so maybe he doesn't mind driving around with all those colors loud and proud

  3. Let's stop right here. While the NFL stands back like the wussies they are and allows players to protest against our supposed "racist and bigoted" nation they feel we are, they did even see the above video. In all their ignorance.

    Take a good look, fellow Americans. That's a nice bit. But, at the same time, I hope people see when any NFL player makes some "protest" about our nation being so racist or bigoted, please see how they do very well and no one seems to be putting them down. Know that hypocrisy at times. If things were so bad, then these young black
    men wouldn't be rolling in millions of dollars, huh? Like this one featuring Cliff Avril of the Seattle Seahawks.

    Obviously, things aren't so "unfair" as other players in the NFL may claim. Excuse me, but that looks like a newer model Mercedes-Benz sedan in his driveway, along with could be a Bentley Continental GT as well. That may be an easy $1.5 to 2 million right there.

    Then in the driveway, further. Looks like a recent-model Lamborghini Aventador, which between its cost, full-comprehensive insurance, taxes and maintenance fees might set that player back a cool $800,000. Explain if things are so "racist and impossible" for young black men to get anywhere, how did that guy pulled this off? Things must be fair in this nation or this would be impossible, huh?

    Get real. The NFL stands back and allows little boys posing as grown men to be "spoiled brats" and make such protests about how "racist and unfair" our nation supposedly is — then airs the above in which young black men can earn good money and have things. Who is the ignorant ones now?

    Does the NFL think we are dumb? Huh? Social injustice? Then explain the above, you, before you stand back and allow such social protests to perhaps lead to unrest and rioting form those who failed to try for real.

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