Stupidest NBA Flops Of All Time

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Best, Worst And Stupidest NBA Flops Of All Time NO Copyright Infringement Intended. I do NOT claim ownership of the footage …


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42 thoughts on “Stupidest NBA Flops Of All Time

  1. If I were the lady with the popcorn in the first clip, I would have kicked that dude's ass. A dozen punches straight to the face until he's spitting blood. Fuck you.

  2. This is why i stopped watching basketball and soccer. This is embarrassing. Imagine seeing your self getting caught like this. Explain that to you kid. To shame!

  3. Soccer and basketball. 2 of the most absolute weakest sports out there and only pussies play it. Honestly I might have to say soccer is more intense cuz even tho they still do fake flops like this they actually take kicks to the shin and cleats to the shin. Fuck basketball

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