Steve Young (The Most Efficient QB in NFL History) NFL Legends

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Steve Young is The Most Efficient QB in NFL History…(Payton 2nd) Retired with the highest QB rating of all time and in my opinion arguably the best duel threat QB ever…but that’s a whole other video…Having to follow in Joe Cool’s footsteps is almost impossible to achieve but Young did it minus 3 less Super Bowl rings but blew by Montana production wise…Young still holds the record with 6 td passes in a Super Bowl game…He was inducted in to The Hall of Fame in 2005 and does commentary for the NFL…Bottom line might be the most underappreciated QB in the history of the sport…Like, share and subscribe if you haven’t…Thank you for the support and all the love 💯% 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Steve Young (The Most Efficient QB in NFL History) NFL Legends

  1. If he started right from college at 22 yrs old he would have been known as the best ever…i really believe that…in the 9 yrs he started he led league in passer rating 6 times and I guarantee he would of won at least another super bowl

  2. Face PC Gaming great video tribute to the vastly underrated Steve Young as a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan he was one of the few 49ers players I've ever liked…By the way are you still in the process of making & completing the 1999-06 Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Az-Zahir Hakim, Rickey Prohoel, Mark Bulger, Steven Jackson, & Trung Candidate Greatest Show on Turf St.Louis Rams offense, 1999-05 Peyton Manning, Marvin (He allegedly caught a body) Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Edgerin James, Brandon Stokely, & Dallas Clark Indianapolis Colts offense, Jeff George, & Daunte Culpepper highlight videos here in the near future???

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