Steelers Mike Mitchell Dropping Truth Bombs About NFL

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This week in the NFL the league suspended Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, Cincinnati Bengals Safety George Iloka, and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski each for one game even though each incident carried different degrees of player hits on the field. This inconsistency from the league office is nothing new, and Steelers Safety Mike MItchell went on a very entertaining and honest rant about this issue with player discipline. He criticized commissioner Roger Goodell, ironically, on the same day Goodell signed a 5 year 200 million dollar extension with NFL owners. We will never know if the NFL is actually trying to make the game safer, but with the extension of Goodell fans, players, and coaches know they’re definitely trying to make it worse.



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28 thoughts on “Steelers Mike Mitchell Dropping Truth Bombs About NFL

  1. Look at gronkowskis interview after the hit, The was he says stuff is pretty funny
    Juju smith schusters hit was something everyone liked, because we all don’t like burfict

  2. @ThatsGoodSports Patriots fan here. You are real Brandon.
    As much as I love Gronk and I don't think, just as Mitchell, that he should not be taken as dirty for one wrong action, there is no way in hell Gronk should be serving just one game.
    As a Brazilian, I share your discontent because I also fell that the power is in our hands to try making changes happen, but we do nothing. This is why you may have been listening about our country being covered up in corruption and mud.
    Keep doing your thing!

  3. FINE DUDE SIGN A PAPER THAT SAYS YOU WON'T SUE THE LEAGUE WHEN YOU BREAK YOUR FUCKING NECK AND EVERY ONE WILL BE HAPPY. YOUR UNION AND LAWYERS BOUGHT THIS ON. But then again Junior Seau was one of the greatest football players ever and l cried when he died Can'thave it both ways

  4. If you cant adjust to your jobs new rules find a new job. The NFL does need to make rules clear before they fine anyone. When new rules are made the NFL needs to get signatures from all players saying they read and understand new rules. If they dont sign they dont play.

  5. Literally all you have to do is make a rule about wrapping up, rugby hits just as hard but doesn’t have a CTE problem. Define the rule for players and let them play

  6. He is dead on 100% right. NFL is asking d-backs to do something impossible in terms of tackling properly. Of course the dipshits in the media have to say the "proper"
    thing. Sarah Spain today on Highly Questionable waging her stupid little finger at Mitchell and scolding him on something she knows nothing about. I dont know about Hasslebeck yet, but Im sure it was close to the same line of vague self righteous platitudes that ESPN probably programs people to say. Football SUCKS now. At least Louis Riddick had the balls not to simply tow the company line and be honest about
    the nature of football.

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