Steelers Couldn’t Break Through Jags’ Defense! | Jaguars vs. Steelers | Wk 5 Player Highlights

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The Jacksonville Jaguars put up a brick wall defense against the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 5 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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30 thoughts on “Steelers Couldn’t Break Through Jags’ Defense! | Jaguars vs. Steelers | Wk 5 Player Highlights

  1. as an eagles fan i have to say, jags have a top 5 defense right now and if they can use bortles, fournette, and that wr core correctly than they can win the division with an ease

  2. I'm not throwing Big Ben under the Bus! You can slander Big Bens name all you want he's still going down as a Hall of Famer and 2 time super bowl champion. You 12 year olds can make jokes all you want don't change the history behind him and the seasoned vet that he is. I don't ever remember this many negative storylines coming out of Pittsburgh since I've been a fan.Not to mention all of the off the field reactions it seems like they aren't even focused on playing football. The Jaguars swear its there year every year and then don't even make the playoffs. If you have so many 4 or less win seasons as the jags then yea, one of these seasons its all gonna come to fruition for you with all those top 5 draft picks. Unless you're the Browns of course.

  3. As a Jags fan, I just want to say to the Steelers fans, I've always respected the Steelers, and when the Jags first got started up back in the 90s, and we were in the same division, the games against the Steelers were the highlight of the season every year.
    So, glad we won yesterday. You guys can console yourselves with your six Super Bowl trophies.

  4. We were just awful today, just AWFUL! The defense kept us in the game for a little bit but those 2 pick 6's that Big Ben threw was just too much to overcome, shoutout to the jags fans, good job coming into our stadium just straight kicking our ass and good luck the rest of the season

  5. Lol Bell can't be a weapon for much longer. Defenses know that all they have to do to whoop Bell's ass is be as patient as he is. Let Bell find a hole, then make sure there is an extra guy waiting.

  6. Calais Campbell was the best free agent pick up this season. Jags are legit with that defense. They have high grade draft picks and highly touted free agents at literally every starting position. Pretty crazy. Fun young and up and coming team. Fournette is also a beast on the offensive side.

  7. The Steelers suck, they should have stayed in the locker room and served their Muslim masters. Steelers can rot forever. Die NFL loser league.

  8. It's scary how good the Jags are on odd weeks. I honestly believe they can go into Kansas City and win if it's an odd week. This defense is ELITE TOP 5 no doubt cuz they just went into Pittsburgh and made one of the elite offenses in the NFL look like the Browns. Btw Jags will let their fans down next week

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