Sports Pinnies Practice Jersey Vests – (12-Pack) | Multiple Colors Scrimmage Vests | Kids, Youth or Adult Sizes | Ventilated & Flexible Straps by SportsRepublik

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Stay organized and having fun on the practice field, pitch or park with a team jersey set for kids, youth or adult sports.

There’s nothing like playing a little backyard football with friends, hitting the soccer pitch with your youth team, or even lining up for some 5-on-5 basketball with your church league. But before you hit the court, field or even empty lot, you need to divvy up teams. That’s why we created the high-quality SportsRepublik Pinnies, a 12-pack of premium practice jerseys perfect for official teams and pick-up games alike.

Tough and Ready for Play

These colorful jerseys are ideal for team play with 6 red and 6 blue in each order. And because they feature breathability, flexible side straps, and open sides, they’re great for letting an athlete’s body “breathe” and move unhindered.

Product Details:

  • 12 Pinnies (Jerseys)
  • Flexible, Comfort-Fit Straps
  • 6 Red, 6 Blue
  • Ventilated Sides
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Machine Washable
  • Includes Carrying Bag

Sizes Available (S, M, L, XL):

  • S (Kids age 4-6)
  • M (Youth age 7-12)
  • L (Adult age 13+)
  • XL (Adult 200lbs+ / Chest Size 42″+)

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get the perfect practice jersey set for small teams, schools, sports, or personal training.

PINNIES FOR SPORTS & TEAM PLAY – This 12-pack of basketball training vests or soccer bibs is great for team sports, school athletics, or college intramurals.
SPORT JERSEY VESTS WITH FLEXIBLE STRAPS, BREATHABLE COMFORT – Lightweight and formfitting, these training jerseys come in small, medium, large and XL to fit kids, youth or adults.
PRACTICE JERSEYS IN BRIGHT, VIBRANT COLORS – Each order contains 6 red and 6 blue scrimmage vests so you can break up into teams more easily! Also great for lacrosse scrimmages.
SCRIMMAGE VESTS WITH ENHANCED DURABILITY – Along with open sides for better ventilation, our pinnies are made for long-lasting, rough play and they’re machine washable.
INCLUDES CARRYING BAG – You’ll also receive a handy carrying bag to keep your jerseys organized when not in use, or to carry them to and from practice.

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