Sinai Peninsula Dive Website Description For Scuba Divers

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In addition to the Eagle Rays, lots of coral formations, spur and groove formation and the common congregation of juveniles.

This is a Marine Reserve so nothing at all may be touched or taken, we ask that you are cautious with your fins and stay clear of accidentally touching the reef.

Encounter demanded: Novice/Intermediate
Depth: 60-80ft
Spot: South Ambergris Caye
Kind of Dive: Boat

So there you have the Ambergris Caye’s Prime 5 Dive web pages and now you can request these dive websites when you take a look at the island.

There are so several other excellent websites in addition to these 5, and I was really amazed that extra northern sites had been not picked this kind of as M&M Caverns or Content Hrs Reef or Palmero canyons and so forth. I established that the purpose was that not as many divers get the opportunity to dive North Ambergris due to the fact it’s even more absent from town and they are suggested less because of the fuel cost to get there. Let’s experience it if I can continue to keep you happy with the closest dive internet sites why advise web pages additional afield.

Be sure to add at least a day’s diving north of city to get a total think of the diving off Ambergris Caye Belize.

Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula lies at the severe northern finish of the Red Sea, cut off on its west coast from the Egyptian mainland by the Gulf of Suez, and from the Arabian peninsula on its east coast by the Gulf of Aqaba. This space has had a instead bloody past but that doesn’t prevent scuba divers flocking to see this underwater wonderland now.

Sharm El Sheikh, located very close to the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is the most well known dive vacation destination in the Red Sea and is the departure port for several liveaboard safaris all around the peninsula and the northern Red Sea, as very well as for diving day trips from the community holiday resorts.

The community Sharm El Sheikh dive sites are frequently used for student diver schooling and for introduction dives. Nevertheless, you don’t require to journey significantly ahead of you achieve the enjoyable things.

To the east at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba lies Tiran Island and the Straits of Tiran, famed for their superb reefs and big fish and shark action. To the south lies Egypt’s 1st marine secured spot and national park, Ras Mohammed, with its colourful soft coral walls and buzzing marine everyday living. And above on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula, but even now simply accessed from Sharm El Sheikh, is the planet famed Thistlegorm World War II shipwreck. No trip to the Red Sea would be finish without having a dive or two here.

It need to not be forgotten too that Sharm El Sheikh is not so significantly from the northern Hurghada dive sites so wrecks this sort of as the Rosalie Moller and the Abu Nuhas family of wrecks are generally visited by Sinai liveaboards departing from Sharm.

Sharm El Sheikh is Egypt’s premiere dive destination and gives you its visitors every thing they could want for. Nightlife, option dining establishments, purchasing possibilities and desert safaris, scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh is hassle-free, varied and excellent value for income.

HMS Thistlegorm — with its historical cargo of Planet War II machinery and gear, all neatly stowed in its open retains, the Thistlegorm would be a diving highlight everywhere in the planet, not just in Sharm El Sheikh.

Source by Gerald Nguyen

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