Several FIGHTS Break Out During Sunday Football

The frustrations of week 9 of the NFL season send players into a frenzy. On the field fights in several NFL games result 5 player ejections. The fans on the other …


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28 thoughts on “Several FIGHTS Break Out During Sunday Football

  1. U think the reason why all these fights are happening is because they are either winning and the other team is not or they might not like that player and how he is good and stuff or might be just because they like to hurt a team mate and think they can get away for it and taunting them witch makes them mad

  2. While white ppl are busy testing pathfinder solar planes and Asians @Samsung just finished testing a nano chip that can secure the electronic devices by using a person heart beats at close range, black ppl are still fighting. smh

  3. You shouldn't love football fights. It takes away from the integrity of the game. And what's with these big-titted women doing these reports. They know nothing of football.

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