Sean Taylor: The Greatest Safety of All Time

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A Mini Sean Taylor Documentary I made. Sean Taylor, the GOAT.

Joseph Vincent’s videos inspired me to make this.

I do not own any of the clips used in this video. I do not gain any profit from my videos, entirely for entertainment.
All clips belong to ESPN, NFL Network, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and the ACC.
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32 thoughts on “Sean Taylor: The Greatest Safety of All Time

  1. Please, let's all just stop arguing on who was the greatest safety of all time. Is the title of a video really going to affect you that much? This video was meant to display Sean Taylor's amazing athletic and football ability, along with his story. Yes, there's Ronnie Lott, Ed Reed, and Troy Polamalu, but this video is about Sean. Sean left his legacy and dedication to football on the field, and many of the young safeties such as Landon Collins and Kam Chancellor were inspired by him. There have been many great safeties in the NFL, but there was no one like Sean Taylor.

  2. This man would be considered with Reed and Palamalu as one of the best ever. Prolly the best athlete of the 3 such a shame he was taken from the worlds I hope his family is all okay these years later.

  3. Worked his hardest in his whole entire football life since he was a little boiiii!!! And for him to reach his goal!! Can say his dream!! It is just over just like that!!!😢😢 than have a little girl!!! Whoever shot than man is an asshole!!

  4. He was amazing. He was the best safety. See all of his interceptions. Receiver is wide open, but Sean Taylor closeout speed oh my. Without the ball he was running what???

  5. My favorite player ever and I'm a die hard Skins fan! This still makes me sad every time I see it!!! May his memory live on forever HTTR!!!!!

  6. This breaks my heart. Growing up Sean Taylor was by far my favorite player. I didn't even like the redskins, but he was just such a beast. I still remember seeing the news story when i woke up for school about his death. I was never genuinely so sad over someone ive never met dying. RIP Sean, you were the greatest.

  7. “You drew it up to be a good play, and he made it a great play. He made it a turnover. He made it something mere mortals can’t do … Every game he’d do something to let you know he wasn’t from this planet and all of us were.”

    — Ryan Clark, former Redskins teammate

  8. You are idiots 3 and a half years in the league. And best all time safety. Lmfao Maybe with a full career but saying hes the best ever is a silly comment . Not even close not in the nfl nearly long enough.

  9. I'm crying as I watch this I watched the news about you dying I cried and woke my ex wife up in tears I followed your career I'm like one of tthe hurricanes number 1 fans rest in peace sean Taylor my favorite players

  10. I'm a Bills fan who lives in the DMV area (D.C., Maryland, VA). Sean got better every year that he was in the league. You could see steady growth. He was well on his way to becoming the best safety in football. He had Hall of Fame/All Time Great talent.

    It's a shame…

  11. I am a Cowboy fan but I have respect for Sean Taylor's talents and I was sad when I found out he died. It's hard to say whether he's the greatest safety of all-time when there have been so many great safeties (e.g. Lott, Reed, Polamalu, and both Rod and Darren Woodson, to name a few), but he might have been had he lived.

  12. Now we got players Kam Chancellor, Eric Berry, Earl Thomas III, Harrison Smith, and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. In my opinion he shouldn't even be top 10 all time. But he was a great player at the time. He only seems to stand out because at the time all they had was Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, Rodney Harrison, and Brian Dawkins. Literally Sean Taylor is overrated. His career could've been crap. People only respect him because he was murdered. *FACT*

  13. Sean Taylor was the only player the Redskins had in those years on the defense who worried you, and he was just about set up to be at a comfort level with his playing career and have his girls(his wife and child) with him and beginning to understand how to balance life and football, for Sean Taylor to have it cut short the way it did was tragic. For such a short career he had he certainly made an impact. We'll never know what type of player Sean Taylor could have been, but man he could play.

  14. he was extremely talented…; it was sad to. see him go so early & violently…but l can't say that he was the greatest safety of all time…is he even top 10…?…look at these & look at the individual #'s…& give ur honest opinion…lott,polamalu,reed,lynch,dawkins,atwater,tunnell,houston,harris,easley….at least 70% of the players I.named r in the hall of fame…

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