Seahawks Week 1 vs. Super Bowl XLIX MEME | NFL

Remember when the Seahawks didn’t run it in the Super Bowl and we all thought, why didn’t they give it to Marshawn Lynch? Well, Sunday we saw the outcome …


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37 thoughts on “Seahawks Week 1 vs. Super Bowl XLIX MEME | NFL

  1. i gotta say, the nfl channel is way ballsier than the nba and mlb channels. some of the videos it posts are not things you'd find large corporations willing to say on national media.

  2. Both calls were stupid. First of all, no needΒ  to throw the ball with one yard to go with Lynch in the backfield. Second, who the fuck called an outside run? It is proven that Lynch is his best on inside plays, this call makesΒ no sense to me.

  3. Why is the NFL media comparing these plays…. These are two different scenarios the superbowl was 2 down and goal…and the rams game was 4th and 1…

  4. Who's running NFL's page some hipster troll from reddit?

    The two situations aren't even comparable. SB wasn't a 4th down conversion as they had a time out and another play to execute. This one IS a conversion and the last remaining play. Cmon now!

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