Seahawks vs. Saints | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

QB Drew Brees and the Saints got a huge win at home against the Seattle Seahawks. Brees and the Saints held off QB Russell Wilson at the end of the game to …


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38 thoughts on “Seahawks vs. Saints | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

  1. As a Saints (and Cowboys) fan, I love how the Saints and Seahawks go at each other. Ever since that scuffle between Bruce Irvin and Jimmy Graham in the NFC Divisional game warm ups, the rivalry has definitely brewed

  2. the refs are stupid 11 penalties for hawks 2 for saints? and when the refs call unsportsmanlike conduct when a guy is tackling u, ur hella stupid saints probably won there first game against Seahawks when we start with 2 benched players Wilson injured and Baldwin not playing

  3. Seattle's defense is back to #1, it's stacked, they have the best safeties, their linebackers are beast and no one want to run towards Kam Chancellor, all this from a Giants fan

  4. The only way the seahawks lose is because of the refs. They would have won every single game forever, but there is huge conspiracy against the seahawks.

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