Seahawks vs. Jaguars Fight | NFL Football Highlights

Quinton Jefferson tries to fight a fan as well!


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29 thoughts on “Seahawks vs. Jaguars Fight | NFL Football Highlights

  1. I used to think the Seahawks were one of the coolest teams with their uniforms, stadium, coach, QB, but shit like this has made them look like the Seattle Sorelosers.

  2. You Seahawks fans have no fucking class your selves talking about the Jaguar fans, let me refresh your fucking memories about Navarro bowman who tore his knee in the NFC championship and your asshole fans dumped popcorn all over him. Hypocrite seacock fucks!

  3. Neither a fan or fan of nfl, but for fans to instigate a fight after misconduct on the field, is the biggest dickriding move to date. 99 is like quit throwing you're monkey shit 🐒 💩. We gorillas, ape don't kill ape! Fan is a fag, knowing he is up in the stands, when this dude is more athletic and fit then the 10 wack ass fans in front of him.

  4. Jefferson could have continued off the field and ended any possibility of confrontation with fans. He choose to escalate the confrontation- and he got the reaction any player can expect if they go after opposing fans in their stadium. What a fucking dick! And Bennett's as classless as they come. Cheap shot at the end of the game- could have really hurt another player for no gain other than his ego and sense of entitlement. The Seahawks have lost any resemblance of class along with most of the NFL

  5. Let 'em go at it hockey style. If 2 men got beef let 'em go at it. Same thing with the fans – I'm tired of seeing a lot of false bravado cuz " Hold me back ! hold me back or I'm a gonna do something " Enough of this fucking lame ass shit talking and get down to business ! Shit is starting to resemble baseball – all talk .. .. ..

  6. Where was all this "thug" talk when Gronk hit a guy landing out of bounds on his back. Stop fooling yourselves we know what you cowards mean😂. Earliest known thugs and mobs were racist "thugs"😜

  7. Dumb ass nigger coon Jefferson. Too bad I was not in the stands when he tried to act like a big man and attack a spectator… I would have shanked him. Quinton Monkey acting like he is still in the jungle. Hope the National Felon League Fires his talentless ass. He can work at McDonald’s with his nigger buddy Kapperdick.

  8. The Seahawks team has some annoying players. Bennett with his dirty plays, a trash talking Sherman, A QB that breaks good teams hearts by escaping the pass rush and converting.

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