Saints vs Vikings (Minneapolis Miracle) NFL Legends

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The Minneapolis Miracle…what a game!!!!! The underdogs are at it again, these Vikings just wont quit! arguably one of the best playoff games ever and for sure the only playoff game in NFL history to end in that fashion…some people may put the complete blame on Williams but I disagree, that’s how it was written to end I feel…Drew Brees was incredible in the second half my heart goes out to him that had to hurt…he torched the best D in football at will… Case Keenum played his a** off and Stefon Diggs enshrined himself in to NFL lore with that catch that will be talked about forever…I made this video because the reaction that play got worldwide was moving to me,it reminded me how sports bring people together I haven’t seen that in a while…Thanks for all the support, like, share, and sub if you haven’t…Relive it again and enjoy
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