Running For Women – Gear & Gadgets

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Every sport and fitness activity offers ample opportunity for retail therapy – and running is no exception!  Having the right gear is a must for any woman thinking about gettting into running. Here’s a guide to running essentials:

1. Running shoes. No compromises here – buy the best you can afford and get properly fitted by your nearest running store. Standard trainers just won’t give you the cushioning and support your feet and knees need.

2. Sports bra. No matter what size you are, you need proper support! Otherwise all that bouncing around will not only slow you down and cause you considerable discomfort but could also lead to sagging in later life (not a good look!).

3. Shorts/leggings/Capri pants. Nothing fancy needed, but look for Lycra for maximum comfort.

4. Technical t-shirt.Nothing wrong with a good old cotton T-shirt but they can feel damp and heavy during your run. For that extra comfort and style factor nothing beats a technical top – so-called because it is made from a super-lightweight nylon fabric with special moisture-wicking properties which keeps you dry throughout your run.

5. Waterproof/windproof jacket.Again, a well-designed run jacket not only looks good but can really make a difference to your run on a wet day. Choose a lightweight, breathable fabric and a snuggish fit to keep you dry and allow you to run freely.

6. Stopwatch/running watch. Gadget fans can really go to town here as there are watches with multiple functions – allowing you to time intervals, laps etc. – but really all you need is a watch that will time your run accurately.

7. Water bottle. Specially designed easy-grip running bottles are inexpensive and will keep you hydrated with minimum inconvenience.

8. High-visibility/reflective clothing/accessories. If you are running in the dark or bleak weather it is essential to make yourself visible. Invest in a top with fluorescent details and/or a couple of arm or ankle bands.

9. Personal alarm. Female runners especially need to be safety-conscious: apart from choosing routes carefully if out on your own, a personal alarm is a worthwhile investment. A small, lightweight, clip-on design is ideal.

10. Socks. Again, trainer/sports socks are adequate, but a proper pair of running socks will help prevent blisters, provide extra cushioning and keep your feet cool.

Source by Liam Taylor

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