Rob Gronkowski DIRTY Hit On Tre’Davious White | Pats vs. Bills | NFL

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31 thoughts on “Rob Gronkowski DIRTY Hit On Tre’Davious White | Pats vs. Bills | NFL

  1. This dude is a piece of shit he needs to retire nobody will miss him that's why his house got robbed when he was taking that ass whooping by the Eagles at the Super Bowl!
    Dude is a fagot..

  2. Karma hit this guy like a motherfucker. First he gets a concussion during the jags game, then the pats lost the super bowl, and to top it off, his house got robbed while he was away for the super bowl.

  3. It’s fucking disgusting how many people are trying to justify or even saying that was sweet or awesome. That type of shit cannot be tolerated. Football is already a tough sport, don’t injure someone by doing something like that

  4. That wasn’t fuck cheapshot That what he gets for fucking holding on him , Refs didn’t call a flag for that hold so he had to give him his own taste -NYG Fan

  5. 0:37 "That savage right there . . . no other way of putting it." Oh, I can think of a few other ways of putting it, beginning with "dirty," "classless," and "illegal."

  6. If I was Sean McDermott I would've subbed my biggest bench warmers in the game since it's already over, place a 10k bounty on gronk and after a play someone lift his head and start punching him on the fucking throat, against the pats you gonna play fire with fire, dirty against dirty cheaters.

  7. as a hater, i really would love to know that gronk after the hit from church will report permanent brain damage. But i will be disappointed, since it's obvious that gronk doesnt has a brain. The FUCKIN SHIT THUG

  8. Gronk was childish for hitting him……but the guys head snapping backwards and hitting ground caused the concussion a few seconds before gronk touched him!!!!!!! Watch it assholes!!!!

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