RGIII Throws for 232 Yards & 2 TDs! | Browns vs. Steelers | NFL Week 17 Player Highlights

Don’t miss QB Robert Griffin III’s Week 17 player highlights! The Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on New Year’s Day during Week 17 of the …


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33 thoughts on “RGIII Throws for 232 Yards & 2 TDs! | Browns vs. Steelers | NFL Week 17 Player Highlights

  1. Its sad to see such a great talent just get decimated by injuries. This guy could've been a top tier qb if he were able to stay healthy. Also why do people hate on this dude so much, he is literally one of the quietest soft spoken dudes never did anything for me to dislike him.

  2. Rg3 actually showed improvement under Jackson. I think Shanahan and Gruden really set him back. Shananhan hurt him by running the college offense instead of getting him ready for an NFL offense right away. Instead of having a bad season which he would be forgiven for as a rookie he had a faux great year.
    His 2nd year he was still a rookie because that was his first time in an NFL offense.
    3rd they changed coaches. The new coach acted like he was a 3 year vet and didn't work on his fundamentals because but essentially he was a rookie again because he was learning a new offense. Jay benched him and started Cousins because he didn't need as much work. RG3 sat collecting rust for a year.
    With Hue essentially his 4th rookie season in 5 years a new offense it was the first time the coach actually tried to work on his fundamentals by the end of the season he improved but nobody has time for a 6th year rookie any more.

    Here is his last 6 games with Shanahan + last 3 with Jay + last 3 with Hue so he isn't "learning the offense"
    RG3 avg 215 ypg 64% per game in 12 games he had 11 td 7
    Paced out over a 16 game season thats 3454 yd 15td 9int 490ryd not world beating but hes an NFL QB.

    People forget how guys like Drew Brees got to sit for a year then stink up the joint as a started for 2 years before becoming Drew Brees
    Cousins now considered better than RG3 got to sit for a year. stank up the place for 2 year then became a franchise player. Rg3 isn't getting the 2-3 years to learn on the job.

  3. Yea they don't need to worry about any position but defense and OL makes me so happy to see RG3 play well I'm not a Browns fan I'm in RG3 fan I hope next year will be a comeback year

  4. He's good enough to be a good backup in the NFL and possibly even start but he will never be able to stay healthy even with a good line. I don't feel bad for young and healthy multimillioniare but I have to wonder what could have been if Washington totally invested in him from day one and never drafted Kirk and all the politics that came with that. I wonder what would have happened if he had never had to rush back after the first injury. He hasn't been right since then. Godspeed Robert.

  5. Brotha Robert is shaping back into his 2012 form. And should've solidified himself as the starter going into the 2017 season. This teams needs alot of upgrading, and QB, should be the lowest priority of this organization.


  7. Rg3 looks like he has a natural smartness or quickness of decision making that is crucial for playoff QB's. We saw it even in his rookie season. He looked very very good today. RG3 had to play against the defense who I do not think rested their starters because they need so much practice. So, I think he could very well be the man the Browns need to continue as a possibility. Good for him.

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