Referees To Blame For Cavs Game 1 Loss? | Huddle

Would the outcome of game 1 of the NBA finals between the Cavs and Warriors been different if the last second charge call hadn’t been changed? Has NBA …


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40 thoughts on “Referees To Blame For Cavs Game 1 Loss? | Huddle

  1. the warriors are a lucky franchise

    2015:Kyrie and love gone
    2017:Kawhi gets injured
    2018: Chris Paul gets injured
    now the refs are on their side then if it was a blocking or charge you can't reverse it soooooo

  2. Matt is dumber than I thought! 7?AVG 51 pnts a game after everything he's been through? Lol Thank goodness is his show and nobody can fire his ass. Smh

  3. Look for everyone that said that the refs were bad, then why the hell did they call the charge at the beginning, and why did he get 10 free throws

  4. Refs were half, the other half were defensive lapses, Kardashian, JR, George Hill free throw shooting and Jordan Clarkson trying to fucking shoot. Jordan clarkson has no business taking shots unless he wide open under the basket. Kyle Korver needs better Defense, and JR just needs to get jumped in the locker room. Tristain Kardashian need to drop OJ's daughter.

  5. Chance #1: Clarkson’s missed free throw.
    Chance #2: Smith’s offensive rebound but decided to dribble to half court instead…
    So how is this the refs fault?!

  6. Silver: Hes in charge of the league
    Refs: Should've called it down the middle
    JR Smith: Was on that shit
    🚬 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬

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