Recession & Royal Doulton Collectible Figurines

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It is true that in the recent years, the internet has opened a great new gateway for collectors. Collectors and those who wish to sell their collectibles are now brought together through auction sites as well as other websites. The discontinued Royal Doulton figurines that were only offered in the local antique and specialty shops in the past, are now being offered in specialized websites and auction sites internationally.

The recent downturn in the economy has caused some individuals who have inherited or are no longer interested in collecting Royal Doulton figurines to decide to part with them.

Even though all of this new activity has made some of the most common Royal Doulton figurines more readily available, it has created some significant factors to make many of the models even more hard-to-find and more valuable as a result.

As more Royal Doulton figurines are sold on the internet, they are physically handled by many people in the process. Once sold, the figurines are shipped to the buyer by individuals and auction sites, many of whom are not experts in shipping valuable fine china. As a result, a significant percentage of these figurines become damaged during shipping and handling.

Throughout the past century, each Royal Doulton figurine style has been made in a limited number of pieces and produced for a limited number of years, from 1 year to less than 7, on the average. Consequently, only a certain number of figurines in each model remain available on the market. Passage of time, room temperature, making a move to a new location and the way a figurine has been stored or displayed by the owner, plays a major role in the present condition of each piece. Many figurines being sold by individuals or auction sites may have slight to significant flaws such as chips, hairline cracks, color fading or paint loss and glaze crazing. Therefore, finding the older figurines that are still in “pristine condition” is becoming much more difficult and should be taken advantage of when made available.

Other than natural causes, all of this flurry of activity in buying and selling on the internet, has greatly reduced the number of older and harder to find pieces in flawless condition. Thus, the majority of Royal Doulton figurine styles that can be found in pristine condition, have not only sustained their value, many are being sold at or above book value.

For collectors who are in a position to buy, now is the perfect time to add pieces to their collection as hard-to-find pieces are made available.

Of course, when making a purchase on the internet, it is of utmost importance to buy from a reputable dealer who will guarantee the condition of the figurine and provides professional packaging to ensure a safe arrival.

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Source by Vivianne Smith

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