Ravens vs. Vikings | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

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The Baltimore Ravens battle the Minnesota Vikings in Week 7 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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50 thoughts on “Ravens vs. Vikings | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

  1. I am a diehard Ravens fan and I believe Flaco is not the answer. The Ravens were dominant when we played great defense with a solid/good running game. We've acquired no elite running backs, and we keep dropping Flaco back to pass like 30-40+ times a game like he's an elite quarterback. Flaco is best when we ask him to covert three downs and not turn the ball over. He had a least a 10 game stretch were he had at least 1 turnover in the game. The game has changed, our offensive line is not good enough (and Flaco has no mobility to elude the rush) for him to stand back there like a statue and pass the ball like he's Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. "Period"

  2. Let the ravens be an example of when a team who hasn't had the best of luck with Quarterbacks throughout their season, catches hold of an Average Quarterback who goes to the Superbowl because of the beast pieces around him and wins. Not because of him because he didn't even score a touchdown in the second half of the Superbowl. So thank Jacoby Jones for that special teams play that added a touchdown to start the second half and Justin Tucker for his field goals to increase the lead. But anyway back to what I was saying. They got money happy gave most of the salary money to a average Quarterback Joe who could sling a ball down the field without consistent accuracy and wham the ravens are stuck. His contract is eating up the budget for them to keep or get great offensive pieces or defensive pieces. Instead they are stuck getting rejects who are coming off of torn ACL injuries or some type of injury, and ended up re-injuring themselves this year. Until 2020 ravens fans will be stuck with this mess. Let's see why flacco was paid all this money. His stats are as follows, never made it to the pro bowl. Last year he finally got 4,000 yards in his whole 10 year career, he has never been a top five Quarterback. The excuse his whole career was he doesn't have help around him. But when he had all of his great wide receivers around him, they got blown out by the jags 44-7. And the touchdown in that game came from the back up Quarterback Ryan mallet, or it would have been 44-0. He always credits himself as being elite but has never statistically proven it, by making people around him great. Instead he needs great people around him to make him look great. So basically what I am saying in order for the ravens to ever be great again they will need for the organization to sign Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Odelle Beckham, and Dez Byrant as wide receivers. Then grab Ezekial Elliot, kareem hunt, and demarco murray as running backs. Then get Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, and Zach Ertz as their tight ends. And then grab all the top defensive players off of every team and bam. You than will have the best Quarteback to every live. If we lived in a fantasy world.

  3. Lol wtf browns Viking saltiest game of the year poor browns don't need to be humiliated for the amount of points lost sad well it ain't gonna end well u should take this win before you guys injure the rest of the team

  4. Vikings fans, after what happened last season, LETโ€™S JUST BE GRATEFUL how the team has weathered injuries so far and take it one game at a time.

  5. What a garbage non-call by those cheating refs! Brandon Carr locked one of Treadwell's arms and therefore kept Treadwell from catching the ball and that was how that crooked Carr was able to intercept the ball!

  6. My Raven's are hurting in a big way on Offence and Run Defence. I say we gotta knuckle down NOW and make a run or start a re-up up, b/c we got some holes man. Best kicker in the game tho ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  7. Shout out to Jarrius Wright, that guy doesn't get enough credit. Every season he is hardly used, and yet he always does great when he comes out on the field. Same story with CJ Ham.

  8. Who else thinks the interception on the Treadwell tipped ball should've been ruled as pass interference? The defender did have the receiver's arm grabbed which is the reason Treadwell couldn't use two hands to catch the ball

  9. Brah weโ€™ve been giving Flacco excuses since we won it all in 2012 itโ€™s been5 years itโ€™s time to hang it up and start over

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