Ravens vs. Jaguars | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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32 thoughts on “Ravens vs. Jaguars | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights

  1. wait until jags go into metlife and play the Jets front 4 and secondary and jamal adams,they aint putting up no 44 points, Jets are going to wash jacksonvilles hype away

  2. The most eye opening score of week 3. Are the Jags almost good, or are they the sleeper surprise of the season? Looking very athletic, aggressive and inspired here, so they should have a good season if they avoid injuries. Looking way better than my hometown team, the currently very anemic Seahawks, who travel to Jacksonville on December 10.

  3. The behavior of the Jacksonville and Baltimore players before the game in London was the most sickening thing I’ve ever witnessed by any athletes at any time.

    I have family members who have given their lives for this great country—they would turn over in their graves if they had witnessed pampered, spoiled multi-millionaire AMERICAN athletes
    saluting a FOREIGN anthem on FOREIGN soil, and refusing to acknowledge our anthem.

    These sulking bums, who are supposed to be representing America and the game of American football, instead knelt down like they were at a wake, as if ashamed at our flag. What a disgrace. They have no pride in their country, no pride in their city, no pride in their team…and apparently no pride in themselves.

    I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY AND OUR FLAG—I am ashamed and sickened at NFL players, coaches and owners and executives.

    The fact is that football is no longer the American game. Let me tell you something: if the NFL loses guys like me—lifelong diehard fans, you don’t have a chance. And you’ve lost me. No more. No more games, no more NFL for me or my family. Enough is enough. If you insult my country, you insult me.

    And you know what? I’ve watched quite a few English soccer matches and it really is a great game. The players are great athletes (not bloated freaks) and gentlemen (not women-beating thugs)… and you better believe they stand straight and proud when THEIR anthem plays. I think I’ll learn a new sport. After all, soccer IS the global game. American football?–if it isn’t dead, it’s sure on life support.

  4. Yeah K-Master, super weird week. I went 8-8. Previous week 14-2. What does everybody think about the fake punt? I'm on the fence about it. I think it depends on the team, the score, how that team is doing, the opponent, and a whole bunch of things. I'm curious what other people think about it.

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