Raiders Vs Patriots Weeek 11 NFL Highlights & Big PlAYS | PLayoffs??|

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10 thoughts on “Raiders Vs Patriots Weeek 11 NFL Highlights & Big PlAYS | PLayoffs??|

  1. Man, i hate to say it i never been the type to say lets fire coaches.. but dennis allen had to go, and he did.. i like del rio, it isnt him; its KEN NORTAN JR. …we are playing the worst scheme in every game.. granted we have secondary injuries up the ass, we should have gareon conley and david amerson to bolster next to Obi, Karl joseph, and Reggie.. but i would say this, reggie nelson needs to be gone retire after this seaosn hes getting burned on every down.. no INTs… how do we seriously not have a pick yet??? we won games last year because we had great turnover success.. we are seeing the numbers this year.. how do we regress when we have more talent on defense? the coordinator.. as for offense, we have way too much fire power to be rolling with a ROOKIE offensive coordinator! lets get mike mccoy, recently fired from broncos..

  2. I know this won't happen,but fire jack del rio personally i never liked the hire of him.he didn't do shit in Jacksonville.& we gave him an extension too soon.should have waited to see what he did this year b4 giving extension to him.reggie won't fire him cause it will make him look bad,so he better at least draft 2 corner backs in the draft & fix our defense.

  3. The Raiders are a total embarrassment to their loyal fans & the rest of the NFL. The coaches lack the ability & the players lack the motivation & attitude they need to be successful. They need to take a long look in the mirror to realize who’s to blame for this disappointing, disaster & train wreck of a season.

  4. A supposed home game in Mexico and it looked like there were more Patriots fans. Why didnt you city of Oakland haters show up in Mexico? Imagine how bad it will look in Las Vegas, No way the Patriots would look like the home team if the game was played in Oakland. Forever Oakland.

  5. cheatriots got away with a bunch of penalties that should've been called against that was the game changer refs need to be fair but they were obviously payed to go against home team

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