Racism Toward LeBron James Highlights Larger Problem | First Take | June 1, 2017

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Marcellus Wiley and Will Cain join Max Kellerman on First Take to discuss LeBron James’ home was vandalized with a racial slur, and how racism towards James highlights a larger problem in America.

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39 thoughts on “Racism Toward LeBron James Highlights Larger Problem | First Take | June 1, 2017

  1. wheres the pics or video footage of this graffiti? multi million dollar home with no cameras? hmmm sounds like bullshit. another hate crime HOAX – there's an abudance of them because the demand for racism out strips the supply.

  2. I'm so glad trump is president, blacks are the biggest crybabies, rich ni ggers need to shut the fuck up, I love black men that work hard and don't cry like women, these ni ggers need to go back to africa

  3. All the brain washed haters like to blame a whitey without proof. First off it would be a suicide mission for a white racist to go into California and do something so stupid. This could have been a Mexican, a black, probably a zionist jew with a hunger for a story. It could have been a white guy. However one person out of the majority, don't make it a white issue It is a hate issue, not a color issue.

  4. Is Lebron a thug who conducts himself in a thuggish way? does he have his pants hanging low around his butt and cussing every other word to deserve this treatment? is he a lazy Blackman on welfare with a whole bunch of baby mamas ? White Amerikkka, what's your excuse now? "fake News"? c'mon, just own up that you are full of shit and innately filled with envy and jealousy towards blackmen because of our physical abilities you could only dream of in a thousand years. I get it! I would be bitter too if I was born white knowing I couldn't jump or be explosive and just dominate a thick woman in bed like blacken do.
    Snowflakes whiteboys. Just look at the comment section filled with white tears. #Whitetearsmakegoodtea.

  5. "Thought of as equals?" WTF does that mean? Looking for acceptance for the perceived status quo is the illusion grafted upon this society. Being spiritually righteous without hate in one's heart is the epitome of equality one should recognize, placing the focus on so-called "achievements and wealth is a misguided fallacy of a beguiled society fixated on the material, let alone the color of ones skin.

  6. We don't know if it's a man or a woman who did it. Quit talking about it He*, i am sick of you media always thinking every negative thing on the planet is done by Men. White women are nothkng but the devil example Kristine Leahy.

  7. I know you liberals always love blaming white males for everything but what if a black man did this? I find it laughable people like LeBron say it's hard being  black in America. A 32 year old black multi-millionaire that can shoot and bounce a ball really good has no idea what real oppression look like. You whiny snowflakes that feel so oppressed should stop taking up space in America and you can travel other countries to see what real oppression looks like. No man is holding you down. You only have yourself to blame for your own failures in life.

  8. What this guy said was on point.. if you feel that you gotta belittle someone for any reason, you're a punk ass.. its really that simple.. once you step to the point of trying to bring someone down you're already worthless in every way.. you're living in 2017 still thinking someone is better than someone else you're a moron.. and theres one way to prove that.. take anyone and cut their heart out give them no medicine no machines to act as a heart just leave them there.. They will die, now do that to ANY other human……. guess what ? THEY DIE TO.. No one is better than anyone else, you could be faster stronger smarter but you can't live without your heart lol (living with a machine inside you to replace your heart also proves you need something there to keep all the blood going through your body) another thing.. No blood no life, doesn't matter if youre the king of the world of a homeless person.. you have no blood you have no life.. the end and if anyone tries to tell you different just cut that person out of your life.. your life is way to short no use trying to fix stupid 😀

  9. Racism has been here since the beginning of time; it isn't going anywhere. If Jesus couldn't stop the racism between the Jews and Half-breed(Samaritans); no one can. Racism will be here in the year 10,000; it's in every single country with any race of minority. Human beings are naturally racist; it's in the genetics.

  10. all these crackker lovin ass niggas fuck them dog smelling ass crackkers  pink and green skin wtf fuck crackkers and the niggas that love they gay ass

  11. all this bullshit over some spray paint… because no one knows who painted his fence.. what if it was another black guy… but sure let's scream racism..


  13. This is the reason why Phil president hated america!!!!they cant even solve their own issues and here they are preaching the world on what is right and what is wrong!!!

  14. I hate this world the world, the president, and some police, this world is terrible equality will never find its way into racist people's minds man this is crazy the world is worse and worse combined with with presidential racism is alive and if you see the world now then it's racist than ever I don't see this happening until a longer time after im dead and I'm 15 I'll never really see the world in peace and this is terrible the place that we are in as a country I feel like we are just going down hill from here! The president the person we are supposed to look up to and respect but Jesus Christ having a person in office who would do something like this than why do I want to believe in our country

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