Proper Batting Helmet Sizing

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It’s a sad fact that one of the number one reasons for sports related injuries among children is that they were wearing sports equipment that was ill-sized or weren’t wearing it at all. When you consider how hard a baseball or softball actually is and how fast and hard they are thrown even in children’s games; the damage that can be done by the impact of a ball to a child’s head is enormous. One of the reasons many children give that don’t wear their safety gear such as batting helmets, at all times during a game is that the batting helmets aren’t comfortable. Usually once a parent looks into it, they will find it is not really the batting helmet at all, in all actuality it is a case of the batting helmet not being fitted to the child properly.

No one has to tell you that your child should be wearing a helmet at all times and you can help make that a reality for every game if you work with your child when you’re buying a batting helmet and make sure that the batting helmet fits comfortably so the child will be protected as well as comfortable while playing.

A batting helmet should fit snugly but not so snug your child has a headache. When the child moves his head from side to side the helmet should stay in place not move around. Inability to see due to a helmet shift is another reason that injuries sometimes happen, make sure that your child has a well fitted helmet by doing a little smart batting helmet sizing for your child before you buy.

The foam on the interior of the helmet is a must-have for your child’s safety. It keeps the head away from the outer shell of the helmet in the event of an impact. While the odds are not high that your child will get beaned with a ball when playing, you need to prepare for something like that “just in case” and your child’s head will be protected in the small chance that something like that happens.

Last word, don’t skimp on the batting helmet that you choose. You’re basically buying safety and you don’t want cheap safety. You want the best you can get and that may be the difference between purchasing some unknown off-brand with questionable plastic parts and may or may not have quality foam and a name brand that has been inspected and meets safety standards. Choose the batting helmet that will offer the ultimate protection and one that is properly sized for your child.

Use these tips and make sure that you get the best fitting helmet for your child. When you have a properly fitted batting helmet, you may just find you have the opposite problem and you can’t get your kid to take it off – even to go to sleep at night!

Source by Uncle BooYah

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