Polar Bear Collecting Coca Cola Memorabilia as Collectibles

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Coca Cola memorabilia and images have appeared throughout the years on a variety of products, which have become collectible antiques and collectibles. Collectors who begin a collection of Coca Cola memorabilia do not necessary focus on one particular item, but instead will general add anything that has the logo of Coca Cola to their collection.

The polar bear ones are definitely the best – but are they eco friendly

Collectors enjoy collecting true Coca Cola memorabilia, especially older ones that can be hard to find. A true Coca Cola antique has been manufactured for the Coca-Cola Company and have been licensed to be manufactured as well. Collectors will have collections contain this fabulous memorabilia that will contain bottles from Coca Cola to signs around the world from Coca Cola to polar bears from Coca Cola. Collectors can easily target fakes and reproductions that do not have the registered trademark and with the popularity and incredible volume of these collectibles.

In the history of American manufacturing Coca Cola is a well known advertised products and the possibilities of collecting these products are limitless. The formula for Coke was developed in 1886 by a pharmacist and for over a hundred years this world renown product has been advertised in massive amounts. One of the most popular advertisement campaigns from Coke was their Santa Claus campaign, who projected a more wholesome image. The early advertisement prints feature individuals enjoying Coca Cola and collectors all over the world have sought after these early prints, which originated in 1931.

Another huge collectible product is authentic Coca Cola trays, which have almost fifty different versions being manufactured. The older trays are the most valuable and show a Victorian lady enjoying a Coke. It is not to hard locating these trays, but locating them being in a rust free condition can be quite difficult due to individuals have used them in the past and wet glasses have caused them to rust. Trays that are mint condition are extremely unusual and can cost the collector a pretty plenty, but it is well worth noting that common trays from the 1950s and even later have substantially fallen in price.

During the late 1970s, there were reproductions of some of the most popular early trays reproduced by Coke, which are marked as reproductions on the back of the trays. Then again in the 1980s in honor of their 100th anniversary they also produced reproductions. Of course these are popular, but they are considerably less valuable than some of the originally produced trays.

Collectors also enjoy collecting Cola Colas famous bottles, with the early ones having the greatest value. These bottles are hand blown and are mismatched as to color, form, and even size. Earlier bottles were made with a rubber seal and the cap with a wire, but the taste was affected by the rubber so this type of top did not last long. The Coca Cola bottle shape that everyone all over the world recognizes was officially adopted in 1916. These bottles have become valued Coca Cola memorabilia no matter their age, and especially those that commemorate special events. When the introduction of aluminum cans came in the 1960s, commemorative and vintage cans also became collectibles but normally if they were unopened cans.

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