Playing for New York City | Timeline: 9/11 | NFL Films

The NFL resumes operations and plays after taking a week to grieve after the events on September, 11 2001. Subscribe to NFL Films: Start …


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22 thoughts on “Playing for New York City | Timeline: 9/11 | NFL Films

  1. If, God forbid….there were a 9/11-type of attack while The Idiot Trump is playing president – badly, he has fractured this country this country so much that I wonder what type if response we'd have. I know he couldn't help, with his total inability to inspire anyone with common-sense.

  2. What's most overlooked about this episode was that the NFL wasn't exactly in sync before the September 11 attacks affected the NFL season because the league was still reeling from the death of Korey Stringer from heatstroke in training camp.

  3. a moment i love watching wasnt NFL but NASCAR when they went to Dover and a sold out crowd waving the flag and then Dale Jr wins the race and does a reverse pace lap with a big american flag waving out the window.

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