Play On 1/17/14 (With Redeem Team as video) NFL Conference Playoff Predictions!

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25 thoughts on “Play On 1/17/14 (With Redeem Team as video) NFL Conference Playoff Predictions!

  1. Ya austin collie i think was prone to get them after his first they say its easier to get them after the first one and ive saw him where he just got hit not even hard but a decent hit not even to the head and he got a concussion

  2. I don't get that last point u made about manning not adapting and Brady adapting peyton manning has been on 2 teams his whole career I guess u could say the broncos changed there style but before peyton those couple of seasons did they really have a legit offense in my opinion no because their defense was amazing but on Brady his a great QB and and is playing under one of the greatest coaches of all time I don't recall seeing any change in how he has played because he doesn't need to maybe I haven't been paying enough attention

  3. Remember Peyton manning's first year??? 3-13 that's what you would get if Peyton and Tom switched offenses as for Tom 15-1 to 16-0 every season keep in mind toms first year he had no wideouts besides Troy brown and his rb was mediocre at best he may have had a great defense but defense wins championships not Super Bowls Tom wins Super Bowls Peyton wins Super Bowl that's right fuck grammar

  4. I agree.Peyton has always had players like wayne and saturday with dome weather, While Brady has (no offense to them) midgets like edelman and amendola to throw to and their best tight ends are always injured and in jail (lol) Brady also has more rings, which are more important that 55 TD's. By the way, try staying outside in boston without a coat on for more than 20 minutes. That's my opinion on the matter.

  5. yea i agree with everything you said exp. about manning if he had brady's supporting cast they probraly wouldnt even make the playoffs. and the best TRUE fans in the nfl are the DETROIT LIONS

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